Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Sheila is Back

Days of Our Lives fans know things did not go well for Paul lately, and he’s coming to a realization that might not work for him. Things are not going well. He’s not in a good place, and no one is happy that this is happening to him. He is widely upset that he is realizing his life is not what he wants to see it be. He didn’t get to marry Sonny after they planned their beautiful double wedding with both Abigail and Chad. They did not get to get married. He fell for Will, but Will has decided that he wants to go back to his husband even though he’s got his memories back. He’s injured, unhappy, and he’s realizing that his life is not working out for him in any capacity. It’s time for him to move on and to get his life in order, and that is what he is doing. He’s upset about it, but it’s working for him.

Everyone is still horrified and upset about Marlena and all that’s happening in their lives, and there is no reason that everyone is going to get together to support her rather than try and live these horrible lives that they are living. There are so many things that are happening this week that don’t seem to work for anyone, and we have no idea how to get it all to stop. There’s a lot happening, and we wonder if there is a way for someone to find happiness? We don’t know. But we do suspect that there is a chance Abby is working on finding hers. She’s on to Gabi, and we feel it’s only a matter of time before she takes her realization and runs with it into the world to get what she needs to get out of it.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

It’s not father’s day, but we do love seeing the father/daughter moments of television parents and their television kids when the shows share them. They show us that you don’t have to be someone’s real life father or mother or child to be close to them and respect them as if they were your own. We love that, and we love the cast at Days for reminding us of things like this all the time.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Things rarely ever work out for people as they want them to work out, and this is a primary example of that now that we see that Sheila is coming back to town. She’s coming back to town with Tionne with her, and they are out to get some blood for whatever reason they see fit. They love to make a mess, to make people miserable, and to try and get what they want from one another. They are a mess in every which manner, and they are back to cause some serious problems. We cannot wait to see what they have in mind, and that does make us happy. However, we also think that there is a good chance that no one else is going to be at all happy to see them.

In the meantime, there is a lot happening for Bonnie. She’s pressuring Lucas to help her out and to make sure she gets her freedom out of the entire situation. She will not stop until she gets what she wants to get, and that is something she’s looking forward to. She’s got a lot of unfinished business, but she cannot move forward with any of until she is certain that he is on her side and that things will work out in her favor. Will he do it, or will he do what he knows is the right thing even if it’s not the thing he wants to do the most? We aren’t sure where he might go with this decision, to be honest.

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