Should This is Us Really Be a Six Season Show?

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Quite honestly it’s confusing at times when some shows that people love are forced to bow out after just a few seasons and some are kept on for as long as it takes to essentially bury them and force people to lose all interest. Don’t get me wrong, This Is Us is a well-loved show and has had people buying tissues like they’re going out of style since it debuted, but tacking on another three seasons seems fit to split the fan base down the middle when it comes to deciding whether the show is meant to be a six-season show or if it should hang it up once the ratings start to dwindle, if that happens. Ana Dumaraog from ScreenRant and several others seem to think that this show can withstand such a test and are adamant about its popularity being able to overcome the amount of time it’s on the air, but from a more skeptical standpoint the statistics don’t always favor dramatic shows that are allowed to keep going for more than a few seasons. There are always those that stick with it and resonate with the audience in a way that makes it possible to keep them going with one idea after another, but far too often it seems that by season three or four people are starting to get tired of the same old thing and the ratings start to reflect this.

A lot of people like Antonia Blythe from Deadline seem to think that this show can and will keep on going as long as possible since there’s enough material and there are enough seeds being planted within the plot that it might be able to go off in multiple directions in order to keep the season going. But again, playing devil’s advocate, there is a lot of uphill climbing to do still despite the fact that people like this show so much. Every show in the history of TV has had to face this kind of pressure and they’ve had to worry about keeping the fans satisfied since honestly and truly those are the worst kind of critics since their attention and their interest waxes and wanes in a way that is hard to predict and can come on as strong and sudden as a windstorm and die down just as quickly. Fans are notoriously fickle when it comes to TV shows and what’s hot one day will be old news the next if their emotional needs aren’t met by the entertainment tools they use in order to relax and relate to the world around them. In other words, if anything seems off about this show in the coming seasons the people are going to let the network know about it in a big way since their numbers will drop off and the show will become more of a farce than a favorite.

With that being said there does seem to be a lot of hope that this could work. Planning three seasons in advance does leave a lot of wiggle room so to speak and it does seem that if things go south that the network will gladly cut ties with this show no matter how well it’s doing. Keep in mind this kind of thing has happened in the past and will happen again to any show that doesn’t perform the way it’s expected. This isn’t a business built on friendship and loyalty no matter how much people give into the system, it’s a money-making issue that will be quickly resolved the moment that any show that the network is responsible for fails to perform as it’s intended. Once the profits are affected, the show is placed on the chopping block without a lot of hope that it might be removed. This Is Us doesn’t seem to be headed for that fate any time soon though, as it’s been drawing people in since it debuted and has remained one of the favorite shows ever since.

Kristen Baldwin of Entertainment Weekly states that the show might be overdoing it a little bit by trying to tweak emotions to such a state that people can’t help but cry the moment that something untoward happens on the show. In other words the show makes people a tad too emotional and seems to revel in making sure that people are going to be crying their eyes out or getting hit directly in the feels when it comes to each episode. This could unfortunately be one way that the show overplays its hand though, since it’s great and all that the program wants people to feel the pain of the characters and relate, but eventually this will get kind of old and make people wonder why they keep watching. Does it deserve three more seasons? We’ll find out eventually for certain.

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