First Look at Showtime’s ‘Shameless’ (Trailer Included)

Showtime has a few new series that they’re developing for 2011. One of them includes Shameless, which is the US version of a show of the same name which has been airing in Britain for quite a few years. The UK version of the show focuses on a single father named Frank, who has 7 children. The show has won numerous BAFTA awards, including Best Drama Series.

From what we can see in the trailer of the Showtime version below, the American version look remarkably similar to the British version. William H. Macy is set to play the father, Frank. According to the network:

Production has started on SHAMELESS, a new series tracing the lives of a very unconventional family, starring Emmy® Award winner and Oscar® nominee William H. Macy (Door to Door, Fargo, Pleasantville, The Cooler), and Golden Globe® nominee Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera).

SHOWTIME has joined forces with Warner Bros. Television and acclaimed Emmy® Award-winning television and film producer John Wells (ER, The West Wing, Southland, White Oleander, Far From Heaven, Showtime’s An American Crime) for the hour-long drama which will be executive produced by Wells and the series’original creator and Emmy® Award-winner Paul Abbott. also reports that Robert Knepper (formerly of Prison Break and Heroes) will be making an appearance on the show:

In a 2-episode arc on Showtime’s upcoming drama Shameless, he will play a goon who is chasing William Macy’s alcoholic patriarch character because of a scam they had going together.

Shameless will premiere on Showtime on January 9, 20110 at 10:00 p.m.

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