Simon Baker of The Mentalist is Not Forgotten

simon_baker1With this season of The Mentalist wrapping up, fans can still get their fix of charismatic star Simon Baker. His latest project is an independent cult style kidnapping drama, Not Forgotten.

The plot of the film has Baker’s character searching the Texas-Mexico border for his daughter. What he finds is a supernatural thriller involving the Santa Muerte death cult. Santa Muerte, or the Saint of Death, while not recognized by the Catholic Church is gaining popularity in high crime communities. As a man with a dark past, he falls prey when he agrees to do anything to get his daughter back.

Not Forgotton was shot in New Mexico, and supposedly takes place in the border towns of Del Rio, Texas and Acuna, Mexico. To really get the subtleties of this independent film, it’s best if you speak Spanish, as most of the cast is bilingual.

Executive Producer Donald Zuckerman has commented that had current film incentives existed a year and a half ago when they began filming, they probably would have chosen to film in Texas instead of New Mexico. They did hire some key personnel from Texas, including art directors and set decorators, to give the film a more authentic Texas feel.

Other talent involved in this project include Paz Vega, Michael DeLorenzo, Ken Davitian, Claire Forlani and Mark Rolston.

Not Forgotten debuted at the Landmark Dobie Theater in Austin, Texas, and is scheduled to hit Los Angeles in a couple of weeks. Other release locations include the famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, the Mann Plant 16 in Van Nuys, and the AMC Deer Valley in Phoenix, AZ. If all goes well, more people will be able to enjoy a different side of Simon Baker just in time for The Mentalist to begin post-season reruns and time slot shifts. Thus far, reviews have been favorable for this film, even though hard core thriller fans have claimed that it falls short of their high expectations.


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