The Simpsons Season 29 and All That Will Come With It

29 seasons of The Simpsons is a record worth taking notice of since it’s an impressive number that anyone could agree is something that no one would have ever believed possible. Who would have thought that a cartoon featured on the Tracey Ullman Show, remember her?, would ever take off and become so important to pop culture like this? The Simpsons have become such an important part of American and worldwide culture that you could rattle off one of Bart’s many witticisms in virtually any country and people would at least have a chance of knowing what and who you were talking about.

And the laughs aren’t bound to stop there.

In the 29th season of this insanely popular show the Simpsons will be taking on other areas of pop culture that include Game of Thrones, Fun Home, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. They’ll be joined by a slew of guest stars just like always but will be allowed to showcase the family and their many different troubles in various ways that should get people to talking about the uproarious exploits and touching family moments that have been a mainstay of the Simpsons for so long.

One of the more important things to note is that Maggie will actually say her first words. Granted it will be in the Treehouse of Horrors episode and she’ll be playing the poor, possessed child that has to spout hateful and very nasty things to the priests that attend her. But apparently Marge will still be stoked because these will be Maggie’s first words. Meh, you take what you can get obviously.

The record-setting, innovative cartoon has been so successful over the years that one might have thought that at one point it would finally tire out and come to a grinding halt. Well the Simpsons did have their moments when the fame almost ceased completely and people seemed ready to move on, but then of course something new was devised and the creators found a new verve to work with in order to bring the series back and keep it firmly in the realm of feasibility.

Because let’s be honest. From the moment the show started until now Bart and Lisa should be grown and out of the house, as should Maggie at this point. The Simpson clan should have grown by now you would think, and Marge and Homer should be looking at a cushy retirement. Many of the other characters should have also moved on in their lives and found a way to keep developing.

Barney should have passed away from cirrhosis or some other alcohol-related disease by now, Mr. Burns should have crumbled to dust, and Smithers, well, Smithers probably should have assumed control of the nuclear plant or at the very least moved on. And yet none of that has happened. Throughout all the episodes, all the adventures, and all the hilarious moments that the Simpsons have given us they’re still largely the same.

Tell me though, would you want them to be any different?

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