The Situation Electrifies The Today Show

The Situation didn’t waste any time switching channels in his career after his controversial elimination from Dancing With the Stars, the Jersey Shore star popped up on the Today Show this morning to promote his new book: “Here’s the Situation.” Situation was interviewed by Today Show‘s Al Roker, who took an irreverent tone from the start. The interview kicked off with Roker asking The Situation about his brother’s involvement in an assault on a woman, Situation artfully brushed it aside as his brother’s problem but Roker continued to needle his Today Show guest about subjects as varied as the death of civility and the Jersey Shore’s role as an example/instigator of such behaviors, on up to the ridiculous amount of money earned by celebutantes – seeming to ask The Situation if there was a part of him that thought his fame was a bit ridiculous.

For his part, The Situation used the appearance to continue to paint good-guy layers on his public portrait. Take this whole ‘star’ thing, The Sitch struck at the heart of the times with a line that could have been prepared for him by an expert political strategist. “When I lost my job and became unemployed I was around 25 years old that’s when I decided ‘you know what, I gotta do something, why not shoot for the stars’, and that’s what I did.” How’s that for a stimulus package?

As for whether or not Jersey Shore is an honest portrayal of life for The Situation and his Guido cohorts, sitch told the Today Show host “I would have to say that, to be honest with you, this show is totally real. I’m sure when you go home at night you might get into an argument, and life’s not cookie cutter. I’m not perfect, I don’t claim to be perfect, and what you see on that show is driven a certain way.”


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