Six Characters That Should Be Considered For Mortal Kombat 11 Pack 3

As a lifelong Mortal Kombat, I have never seen so much downloadable content for just one game. By now, and under normal circumstances, I would’ve expected an announcements for Injustice 3. However, these aren’t normal circumstances we’re living in. In a time where many of us are stuck at home, a classic game like Mortal Kombat can keep us entertained. What better way to keep that momentum going than to add on more downloadable content. It’s more than what we’ve gotten in past Mortal Kombat games, but you know what? I say why not?

After spending some time on YouTube, I’ve recently discovered some potentially exciting information. According to a few YouTubers who stay on top of the Mortal Kombat-related leaks, a kombat pack 3 is on its way. Based on the details I’ve heard about the leaks, not only will it add on more characters to the roster, but continue the story where Aftermath left off. If this is all true, then I’m very pumped for it. The question is, which characters will be included in kombat pack 3? That’s a question all of us MK fans have a few answers to.

I have at least six characters I would like to see in this next kombat pack. The more the merrier, right? In this case, abso-friggin-lutley. Ed Boon, please bring on more characters, both guests and Mortal Kombat characters. For the Mortal Kombat fans out there reading this, I hope you agree with my character suggestions. I have a heavy inkling most of you will agree.

Enough dillydallying. Here are six characters that should be considered for Mortal Kombat pack 3.

6. Deathstroke

The first character to kick off the list is a guest character. He’s also another DC character that would be perfectly suited for the bloody action of Mortal Kombat. Deathstroke is the deadliest assassin in the realm of DC, and almost everyone fears him. He gave the Justice League and Batman himself a run for their money and didn’t even kill them. Think of him as the anti-Batman. He has the lethal gadgets, the strategic mind, and the enhanced physical abilities to be a serious challenge to any foe. Last time we saw him, he was a combatant in the first Injustice game. He was a fun character to play as, but he couldn’t be as brutal as he could’ve been.

This is where having him in Kombat 3 can come in very handy. As a Mortal Kombat DLC character, he can be as brutal as he possibly can be. From the sword, to the guns, to whatever he’s carrying, Deathstroke can have full freedom to do whatever he wants to his opponents. Who said Joker has to be the only downloadable DC character in a Mortal Kombat game?

5. Cyrax

Cyrax was already in Mortal Kombat 11, but unfortunately as a non-playable character. That really upset me, but it did give me hope that he would be playable in the near-future. With the supposed news of Kombat pack 3 coming, I’m very much hoping that Cyrax will actually be playable. As far as his part in the story goes, he’s finally becoming a good guy again. Good news for the old MK fans, but in terms of actually playing him, I miss using his net. That was always a fun move to trap opponents in and make them rage quit. Plus, it’s just fun playing as cyborgs.

4. Sektor

Where mustard (Cyrax) appears, so must ketchup. By ketchup, I most certainly mean Sektor. I’m actually more excited playing as Sektor above Cyrax for two reasons. For one, his teleporting uppercut is one of my favorite moves ever. It’s fun to do and it just looks so cool when it lands. Call it a go-to spamming move if you want, but it works. Man, that made for an awesome X-Ray. The second reason is that he has some of the most over-the-top fatalities ever. The best example would be the scarecrow fatality from Mortal Kombat 2011. Once I saw that, Sektor became one of my go-to characters.

If we get him back in kombat pack 3, we need to see two fatalities that can top the scarecrow one. He’s an evil, literal killing machine and making him playable again would be a good opportunity to up the ante with his seriously messed up fatalities. Honestly, it’ll just be fun to use that rocket punch again.

3. Takeda Takahashi

Many of the new characters in Mortal Kombat X were pretty hit or miss for me, but I really dug Takeda. Being the son of Kenshi, his telekinesis was cool, but what really made him stand out was his bladed whips. This made him unique among the MK roster and made it even funner to play as him. If Kombat pack 3 is going to bring back another MK X character, I vote Takeda. It’ll be fun to play as him and use those awesome whips again, but what I’m most interested in is seeing his story be continued. His ending from MK X indicated that he and Kenshi were off on a mission to avenge the death of his mother.

Their journey made them cross paths with Taven and Daegon, characters who debuted in Armageddon. If Kombat pack 3 wants to expand the story, I would love to see that journey for Takeda play out. Not only would it give him more to do, but it would also reintroduce some characters that we haven’t seen in a very long time. Heck, we could even see Daegon and Taven pop up as playable characters again.

2. The Bride

And now for my guest character. I choose the Bride from Kill Bill. Why her? Well, it seems like MK 11 is having a knack for including some famous action characters for some DLC. All fine and dandy in my book, but there’s no need to stop with The Terminator and Rambo. Instead of having John McClane or Ash Williams join the roster, I vote for a little girl power by adding a seriously deadly femme fatale. She’s got her sword, the five point palm exploding heart technique, and can kill people in some violently creative ways. If that doesn’t make her qualified to be a part of the MK roster, then I don’t know what does. Since MK 11 is on an action hero streak with its kombat packs, I say go a bit more outside the box and let the Bride take a slice at some combatants.

1. Havik

Havik is a Mortal Kombat character that I’ve been waiting to see return for a while now. He’s ruler of the Chaosrealm and fights only to spread chaos. What I like most about him is how cool he looks. He resembles a zombie king that comes directly out of a horror/action movie. When he fights, he can distort and tear apart his own body and actually enjoy it. This makes him a deadly foe and not including him in Kombat pack 3 would be a missed opportunity. I think he’s already set for it, because he’s been mentioned in MK 11 twice. Once in The Joker’s ending where they team up to cause chaos, and again in Aftermath when Shang Tsung banished Geras to the Chaosrealm for Havik to deal with. In my opinion, that basically settles it.

If Kombat pack 3 continues the story, Havik would make for an awesome character to have as a villain. I’ve long advocated for us fans to play as the characters who haven’t been playable in a while and Havik is on the top of my list. Just wait to see how his new fatalities will look.

Final Thoughts:

Expecting to see Smoke or Ermac? I would love to see those characters come back too, but time will tell. Keep in mind, that supposed leak doesn’t confirm anything yet, but I have a feeling there’s some truth behind it. If it is, we MK fans are in for more bloody treats.

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