Skins US 1.06 “Abbud” Review

Even though this review is a week late, it is stil imperative to review “Abbud” since the events within that episode will factor heavily into tonight’s episode of Skins.

Despite the episode title, we still have no clue who Abbud is and what he’s about besides his initial intro in the pilot and subsequent episodes. Granted, we didn’t get much info on Anwar’s home life in Skins UK either, but we at least got to know the guy a bit more. In this episode, Abbud’s story was put on the backburner for more Tony/Tea drama, which I felt was nipped in the bud in Stanley’s episode. Having said that, I can see why the writers chose to use Abbud as an anchor for the episode, but I felt that this was another missed opportunity on their part.

First and foremost, there is Abbud’s ‘thing’ for Tea, which was hinted at during early episodes, but not really explored to the point of really caring about the plot. We knew it would eventually come to the forefront, but as it did, it didn’t really have an impact and mostly set up the drama which will go down in tonight’s episode featuring Michelle.

Abbud’s reaction to finding Tony and Tea doing the “do” is understandable from his standpoint, because it kind of doesn’t make any sense whatsoever from the outside viewing eye. The man had his heart stabbed twice by Tea in that she not only reneged on her “No Boys Allowed” stance, but that she chose to do this with Tony, someone who doesn’t know the concept of love. I think it is the latter part that mostly upset Abbud since he knew Tony is only in this for a mind game fix, not a genuine love affair. Abbud knew that he would’ve been more loving towards Tea despite his horn dog tendencies.

As for the whole Tony and Tea thing, this makes the second (?) time they’ve engaged in sex and probably has plenty of Tea fans out there scratching their heads. Is she a lesbian or isn’t she? Did the producers lie about her remaining a lesbian for the rest of her tenure on the show? I can’t say, because this is the most complicated ‘relationship’ I’ve ever seen on television, because of some the feedback I’ve received concerning Tea. It’s interesting to see where this Tea/Tony/Michelle thing will lead in tonight’s episode, because I’m drawing a blank on trying to predict how this will turn out, which is a catch-22 situation at the moment. It’s a good thing to keep you guessing, but it’s also a good thing to have a sense of where everything is leading to as well.

On the other front, Chris finally crossed the line and messed around with Tina, which could lead to screams of despair from PTC like groups because of the subject matter. I’m shocked an article has yet to come across my peripheral on the issue, but there is still time folks.

What did you think about the episode? What do you predict will happen next?

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