Skins USA: Meet Your American ‘Tony’

As any fan of Skins will tell you, the character of Tony is as integral to the first two seasons of the show as sex is to Grey’s Anatomy. Tony was the glue and the destructor of the core group, giving sage advice while manipulating the people he claimed to have loved only to serve his own hedonistic needs. In short, without Tony, you don’t have Skins.

Thankfully Bryan Eisley, co-creator of the original Skins, maintained the devious bad boy to lead the US incarnation of the popular British teen drama, who is not afraid to go there in terms of content, but has a genuine heart under its decadent exterior. In the UK version, Tony Stonem (portrayed by Nicholas Hoult) became someone you couldn’t help but be drawn to despite his vile treatment of his friends, family, and others. He treated his girfriend Michelle like garbage, dangling her over his best friend Sid’s head to keep him in check (Sid was madly in love with Michelle at first). Basically, Tony was the personification of mass destruction with a cold and calculating mind.

In the US version, James Newman has big shoes to fill in his role of the American Tony. The official description of the character uses all the same traits as his British counterpart, with words like “cocky and beautiful” and “manipulative and obssessive” rounding out Tony’s complex nature. Is America really ready for Tony to come run amok on our shores? Let’s take a peek at James Newman as he discusses his character and how he landed the highly essential role of Tony:

What do you guys think of James Newman as the American Tony?
Skins (USA) will premiere on January 17th @10/9c on MTV


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