Sneak Peek: Khloe & Lamar Reality Show

In case you haven’t had your Kardashian fill, then get ready dolls, I’ve got good news for you. We have yet another reality show offering from this famous-for-doing-nothing family hitting the airwaves. Just as Kourtney & Kim Take New York comes to the end of its season, Khloe and her L.A. Laker hubby Lamar Odom will star in their own reality show, Khloe & Lamar. Check out the sneek peek below.

The show will give us an inside glimpse at their life together; their loving marriage, his career, and their plans to hear the pitter patter of little feet. My question is, will we get to witness Khloe’s sharp acid tongue with which she typically lashes her family and Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott? Chances are we won’t see her use it on her husband, who she affectionately refers to as ‘Lam Lam’. I think the answer lies in another featured member of the cast, Khloe’s brother Robert. We should see a lot of Robert, their semi-permanent house guest. Some of the fights they’ve had on their sister show Keepin’Up With The Kardashians are highly entertaining, most notably when he first moved in with the couple last season. Khloe quicky grew resentful of Robert’s presence as he invited strangers to hang out in the master bedroom and took up too much of Lam Lam’s time with video games. It seems he is still there, and I’m sure the tension is too.

As a bonus, Khloe promises to tweet live with viewers every Sunday night during the show. Khloe & Lamar premieres Sunday, April 10 on E!


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