Snoke was Originally Female and Way More Than That

Saying the Snoke was an anticlimactic villain is generous believe it or not since he was more of a throwaway that apparently lasted too long and was mired in too much controversy to be of much use past his death in The Last Jedi. It does make sense now though since if Snoke had truly been an all-powerful Force-user then he probably would have been able to tell that Kylo was planning on killing him moments before it happened. The fact that he dominated Rey was a bit awkward, but then it would appear that Rey’s lack of training finally caught up with her since Kylo had been trained by Master Skywalker and then Snoke, so despite being kind of an emo character he was still someone that had the training and the discipline (go on and laugh, it’s okay) to hide his thoughts from what was essentially a puppet, even if he didn’t know this at the time. But the fluctuating power set of Snoke was kind of confusing since he could dominate Rey, he couldn’t read Kylo, and he was obviously too weak to engage in combat. He was a mess of a character to be certain, and that’s not even going into his appearance. The number of theories that were concocted about this character from his first appearance in The Force Awakens came quickly and without cease, but the idea that he’d been meant to be a woman didn’t really play out until now.

There have been some impressive female villains in the Star Wars franchise, but sadly most of them are a part of the EU canon, meaning that unless Disney had really seen someone they wanted then it wasn’t bound to happen. Phasma was supposed to be an awesome female villain, but somehow and for some reason, she gained a short amount of screen time and not much else. But if you really want a list of the female villains that could be used, here are just a few.

Admiral Daala

Gasp, a female admiral? This would have been awesome since in the books Daala is one of the people you simply don’t want to mess with as her manner and her words are as hard as stone and she’s the type that can take full command of a Star Destroyer and have those around her snapping to attention immediately. Maybe it would have made people a little more appreciative or maybe it would have been shot down, but it would have been fun to see anyway.

Vestara Khai

This would have hinged on Luke not disappearing and Mara Jade actually making it into the trilogy since their son Ben would go on to marry this woman despite the fact that she trained as a Jedi and a Sith. Obviously that wasn’t about to happen.

Darth Talon

Granted, she came from a far-flung future where Darth Krayt, a Sith lord and former Jedi Master, who had been alive since the Clone Wars, had taken control. But she could have been a great disciple of Palpatine or even Snoke and done some serious damage while giving Rey a much deadlier and more skilled opponent to face.

The idea of Snoke being female at first sounds almost grotesque when thinking about the character we saw. But there were rumors that he could have been Mace Windu, who was flung from a window, supposedly to his death. But keep in mind that we never saw him die. Then there was the idea that he could be Palpatine, which he kind of was in a way since he was a creation of the revived emperor after all. But in the end, Snoke just turned out to be a character that was useful until Kylo came to realize that there was another influence pulling him forward and that there was someone else more powerful than he was out there. As much as I love Star Wars, and I do without any doubt, this route was just too easy to utilize in this manner and didn’t really convey any of the nuances that it possibly could, though it was at least better than some huge, intelligent, spider-like creature that Kylo could have met up with. It’s true that things could have been done a lot better to finish up, but it does feel as though Disney was simply trying to get through the trilogy by the Rise of Skywalker and that it wasn’t a desire to really do much more than to pay a small amount of service to the character of Snoke since he’d already been dispatched and proved to be less than effective as a villain. Seriously, who would have rather seen Phasma go all-out in a fight scene? Phasma versus Finn could have been one of the huge highlights of The Last Jedi, and not just a flash of brilliance in a movie riddled with mistakes.

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