So Far Scream is Safe From Getting a Reboot

There is some justice in Hollywood after all, or at least a reprieve since quite honestly thinking that Scream would be brought back with a reboot was kind of an eye-rolling moment that would have likely caused a divide among fans. But as Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb has announced via other sources that Scream will not be rebooted any time soon. In fact, it’s a big hope that it won’t be rebooted until the lot of us that remember the 1996 movie is all but forgotten and ready to be dragged out of the past yet again, to be packaged as ‘new’ and created in an era that isn’t that similar to our own. Some people might want to argue about that since back in the 90s the internet still wasn’t the same thing it is today, and as you can see from the movie a landline was still something that was commonplace in just about every home. If and whenever Scream does manage to make a comeback (we know it’s going to happen, let’s not kid ourselves) it’s likely that more than just a few things are going to be different and the landscape of the movie is going to be something that the older generations might not fully recognize.

It has been redone already for TV, but since the difference between the movies and TV is so different it’s easy to say that the TV version doesn’t really count in terms of being a reboot. When this might happen isn’t really known, but the ‘if’ is kind of a pointless question since it would seem that rebooting movies is the thing to do. Why it would happen to Scream isn’t hard to figure out since a lot of people have found the Scream movies to be entertaining even as they went on, and on, and on. By the second movie it was time to set things to rest, but then a third movie came and the idea that it was about to keep going was already on the horizon by the time part three was released. When part four came out though a lot of people just rolled their eyes and waited for it to come out on video, as it was a lot cheaper and could be rented without the purchase of a ticket.

Yeah, that’s about how popular the franchise has become, no matter how many people want to leap to the defense of Scream and the quartet of movies and the TV show whenever it’s maligned. The first movie could have been it, done, finito, and have made Scream something popular beyond anything else at the time. It also would have likely been just as popular now as it was then, as many people should be able to openly admit that they still remember this movie quite well, and that the movies that came after were flat out flops that didn’t need to be made. All they did was provide one lesson on cinema after another via Randy, played by Jamie Kennedy, who was the film nut that knew the rules of horror movies more than anyone, and had a few other comments about sequels, series, and so on. If he’d survived he would have been the MVP of the series since quite honestly he was smarter, in some ways, than the rest of the cast considering that he knew what to expect, most of the time, and what could have been coming. But of course to save the plot moving forward Randy had to die, otherwise someone in a horror movie might have finally made the right decision instead of doing the exact opposite. Of course you can credit Sidney with acting in a smarter manner at times than many other women in horror movies. Amazingly though after admitting that she didn’t like horror movies because the pretty girl always ran up the stairs instead of out the door she did the same thing that she’d spoken out against and ran up the stairs to her room.

But from the second movie on she did make a few smarter decisions, such as shooting Billy’s mother in the head in the second movie, turning the tables on Roman in the third movie, and frying her cousin’s brains in the fourth movie. She might have made a good number of mistakes but she did manage to drive the plot of her own movie quite often. One reason why this movie shouldn’t be rebooted however is that the same mistakes seem likely to be made, which means it would have to become smarter, somehow gorier, and a lot more technical when it comes to how the killer operates. It’s true that a lot of people love the old formulas since they’re predictable and amusing, but bringing something new and exciting to the table would be appreciated.

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