So What’s Going on With the Obi Wan Movie Anyway?

Well, as much as a lot of us would love to see an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie make it onto the big screen it doesn’t seem destined to be at this point since there are rumors that it’s been cancelled and the Star Wars franchise might actually be taking a break. But there is hope since Brendan Hesse from Digital Trends and many others have been reporting that Disney’s new streaming service will be bringing back the wizened Jedi Master in his own solo series that could be good for at least a season or two we hope. While the streaming network has a while yet before it’s going to be unveiled and released to the public it would seem that it’s a top priority for Disney at this moment since a lot of folks have been wanting to see something with Kenobi in it for a while now.

Being that he’s a character that was around during the original trilogy and throughout the prequels it’s only fair to assume that he would become a favorite of many, especially given that the casting or his part was excellent enough to warrant being remembered. It’s easy to think that in A New Hope that Kenobi was there just for support at first since he didn’t do much, but if you’ve read the original story it painted him as a much more important figure than people might have initially thought. George Lucas had big plans for Kenobi at one time and it seemed as though things might have been geared towards giving the old Jedi Master his own movie for a while. But as things turned out that never happened and won’t likely happen any time soon as far as anyone knows. That’s a big tragic and fortunate to be honest since there are a great number of stories that Kenobi has taken part in throughout his time as a Jedi and many of them have proven just how strong he really is in the Force and why he’s considered to be one of the greatest masters ever.

Alex Kormann of The Daily Tar Heel is pretty adamant about telling anyone who will listen that Kenobi is the greatest Jedi master that ever lived and he does have a few interesting points. Despite being a bit combative about, some fans are to be honest, he does point out that when it comes to the Force, Kenobi is far more balanced than many of the Jedi and is able to adapt to a situation without hesitation most times and without as much difficulty. He’s gone against the Jedi code in the past, gone against orders from his superiors, and gone against conventional wisdom to get something done. It might sound as though I’m talking about Anakin, but Kenobi is far more balanced than his former pupil and much more alert to the world around him and what it has to offer. This is what makes Kenobi so great, and what makes it possible for him to begin one of the greatest series that Disney could hope to bring to their audience.

To be honest it seems like a much better idea to bring Kenobi in with his own series than to create a movie since as we saw with Han Solo this whole idea just didn’t pan out. Plus, if you’ve read the books that are now considered non-canon (thanks Disney) you might feel that Han’s story could have still been told according to the books without having to go so off track. But hey, directors and their vision and all that stuff. The hope though is that they could possibly go back to the books that are a part of the Legends canon and seemingly, FINALLY, agree that some of those books and the authors that wrote them were on the right track and created a back story and a life for Kenobi that was worth looking into. After all he spent nearly two decades on Tattooine alone looking over Luke, you can’t imagine that nothing happened in all that time. Plus, there was a point and time when Kenobi was young that was almost kicked out of the Jedi Order over disobeying his master and almost getting involved with a war on another planet. And then there are the years he spent training Anakin, during which there’s a story that has to do with a living planet that they both visited.

There a lot of stories that Kenobi could use to flesh out his character even further, and the novels aren’t even the extent of it as during the Clone Wars there were many upon many missions that Kenobi took part in that were brought to light only in the graphic novels. There’s simply too much material there for a movie to explore fully, but a series could definitely bring Kenobi back to prominence.

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