Mythbusters: Solving the iZombie Axe versus Gun Problem


Ever wonder about the zombies in the (now)two MythBusters zombie specials? They’re all volunteers who did their OWN make-up.  Adam explains. In this special, Adam and Jamie crowd source “two” crowds, one of which “smells” better than the other.  Mythbusters would never be able to test it out the stories it does without its amazing volunteers.  Over the years, the show has used greater and greater numbers who have allowed the show to get better data points and clearer pictures of each myth that they test.

Adam then goes on to talk about zombies.  As he says, Mythbusters zombies are ingenious cosplayers.   Each one of them has done their own clothing, own make up, and own blood spattering.   And each one of them is willing to eat brains for this episode?  Wait, what?  That can’t be what the show is about can it?

How will they feel when the Mythbusters test one of the most controversial myths in Mythbusters history?  Yup, it’s axe versus gun, round 2.   Looks like Adam gets a little more than he bargained for.

Check out the preview below!

Be sure to catch the veterans special Mythbusters Saturday February 6th at 8pm on Discovery

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