Some Cool Behind-The-Scenes from The Movie Titanic

Whether it’s all about ruining someone’s love of the movie Titanic (hopefully not) or just finding out unknown facts and tidbits of data that were never given a lot of attention, finding out more about the behind the scenes facts of the movie are kind of interesting. As a lot of people know already, the movie was filmed in an enclosed area and was filmed entirely in Mexico, which was a new fact that I hadn’t discovered before. But given how long this movie was and the undertaking that went into it, one can only imagine just how many other facts are out there just waiting to be revealed. As one of the most expensive movies ever made, and one of the biggest earners ever, Titanic is something of a legendary movie already since it came to grip so many in a way that was amazing considering the scope of the tragedy that it really was. Making the whole thing into a love story however was a stroke of genius since it drew so many more people to the theater and gave them a reason to come back more than once. Somehow a love story ending in tragedy tends to do that, much as Romeo and Juliet proved so long ago.

Here are a few facts about the movie that you might not have known.

5. Leo had a flub between the bed and the couch.

In the scene it would appear that Jack is a bit nervous when he’s directing Rose to lie down and flubs the line, telling her to lay on the bed and then the couch. This was actually a real flub that wasn’t scripted, but James Cameron decided it worked so he left it in. It’s amazing how many scenes and lines have been left in movies over the years that weren’t meant to happen. But the reality is that spontaneity and spur of the moment decisions can be every bit as impressive as anything that’s been scripted. Sometimes those moments are even better since they happen naturally and don’t always have the look of being planned.

4. The freezing water was actually pretty warm.

A lot of people don’t want to hear this since to be fair since they somehow enjoy the ‘romantic’ scene of Jack and Rose sharing a few final moments in the freezing waters of the Atlantic before Jack finally succumbs to the cold. There’s a couple of problems there though, especially with Jack being in the water. He would have been dead far quicker, and Rose might not have been able to blow that whistle as she did, especially after taking another dunk in the water. But the actors were just fine, as makeup and CGI breath clouds can go a long way towards making something look real. Sorry to spoil that one.

3. The ‘king of the world’ line was ad-libbed.

Actors tend to do this quite a bit at times since the lines they’re given either don’t feel powerful enough or they simply feel the need to pep them up a bit. Sometimes the directors don’t mind and just let it go, and at other times it’s kind of an annoyance. But in all honesty this was better off being left in since it did create a good deal of positive emotion and helped to steer the movie forward a bit and give Jack the added personality that a lot of people came to appreciate. Obviously Cameron is a perfectionist, but even he likes to switch it up now and then and isn’t averse to the actors doing their own thing if it works.

2. Kate Winslet actually flashed Leonardo DiCaprio.

You might be saying ‘Kate would never do that!’, but the truth of this is that upon finding out that she had to perform a nude scene she decided to take the shock and awe out of it by simply familiarizing herself with her costar by showing him what he would be looking at while trying to concentrate. The drawings in Jack’s notebook were actually done by James Cameron, which begs the question of where he got the idea. It’s very likely he had another picture to model the drawing on, as one can just imagine the scandal that might come later on from such a development.

1. Neil degrasse Tyson pointed out an inaccuracy in the star field to James Cameron.

It’s likely that a lot of people didn’t care about this unless they were just as knowledgeable as Tyson, but seeing as how Cameron is a perfectionist he took Tyson’s words to heart when the famous astrophysicist told him that the stars at that point would not have looked the way they did. This facilitated a change, so as to keep the movie as accurate as possible since Cameron was going for some realism.

If this shattered your image of the movie then my apologies, if not, then hopefully these were some interesting facts.

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