Sony Stands Firm on Releasing Big Movies Until the Pandemic is Over

Sony might be doing the smart thing when it comes to not releasing their big movies to theaters just yet, but as you can bet, a lot of people are going to be uttering a collective groan over it since some of the movies that Sony has coming, such as Venom 2, Morbius, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife, were supposed to be coming out fairly soon. But thanks to the pandemic that’s not going to happen since the theaters, despite being open, aren’t operating at anywhere near the capacity that they used to and as a result, the movies that have been released aren’t pulling nearly as much as they were supposed to since movies such as  Tenet and even The New Mutants should be doing pretty good despite being turned in at the end of the summer when most of the blockbusters have already been there and done that. Thanks to the pandemic though, things are still moving ahead at a snail’s pace since Sony isn’t ready to start losing the kind of money that Warner Bros. and Disney have been losing since there’s simply too much of a risk involved when it comes to releasing a movie that won’t provide the needed returns. It sounds like a very cold and calculating way to describe the process, but when it comes to the business this is how things are done, and the desires of the fans become a lot less as the studio has to factor in just how much money has been spent and how much they stand to lose if they release the movies and don’t see even half of the budget come racing back into their pockets.

The big downside of this is that a lot of people might figure that Sony isn’t worth the effort after a while since the teasers and trailers that have already been released have had people stoked for so long that they were ready for the payoff. It’s understandable that thanks to the pandemic that people aren’t going to the theaters since social distancing has become one of the most important things to practice these days. But with streaming being such a huge part of our normal lives these days it’s hard to wonder why Sony and other studios aren’t just going for broke and allowing one or more of the streaming services to have access to their movies for a price. It’s not certain just how Disney+ did when it was announced that Mulan was going to be available for an added $30 charge, but working out a deal with one or more streaming networks wouldn’t be such a bad idea it sounds like, though of course from a money aspect one would really need to figure out just how it would work. But at the very least it would be giving the fans what they want and would keep them interested and spending money. That sounds like the beginning of a plan at least.

It’s also a wonder why more movies aren’t being released to drive-in theaters since those have been open for a little while now and it’s not hard to think that the studios could see some return on the movie. But again, money is the big motivator and it’s not hard to see that if they aren’t seeing the green then we’re not going to see the finished product, no matter how much fans petition or beg the studio to see it their way. The problem is that the fans’ way doesn’t pay the bills and keep things running, at least not when it comes to coming up with alternative ideas to release the movies. It’s enough to wonder though just how long a lot of fans are really going to wait when it comes to these movies, and how long it will be until Sony realizes that the pandemic isn’t going to go away that quickly. If someone could snap their fingers and get the coronavirus to just up and vanish suddenly it wouldn’t alleviate things at all since it would unnerve people even more and cause them to wonder what might come next or if the virus would come back even stronger the next time. That’s human nature, we’re always waiting for the next thing to come around.

But when it comes to Sony they’re waiting to see if there will be a good time to release their movies to the theater, since what they’re seeing right now doesn’t look like the best situation when it comes to what they want to see in terms of making money. One can’t really blame them to be certain since a theater that’s only filled at a quarter capacity isn’t going to bring in nearly as much has a packed theater, which is an impossibility at this time. So they’ll wait, and we’ll wait, and eventually, we’ll see who can wait the longest.

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