Special Ops Sniper Breaks Down 11 Sniper Scenes in Movies

There are times when Hollywood is definitely on top of everything when it comes to various subjects and there are times when they drop the ball a bit. When it comes to the military it can be anything goes or they can tighten it up in a big way and put out a very impressive movie that people will love and agree with. If there’s anyone that can give a person firsthand experience about what it’s like to be in the field it would be someone that’s actually been there, and as far as snipers go it’s usually wise to listen to what they consider to be realistic in the movies and what’s more movie magic than reality. In this clip, an actual sniper reviews several movies to see if they’re being accurate enough when it comes to depicting the role of a sniper or not, and while a lot of us might think that snipers are just that awesome, it’s true enough, but they also have their limits as well. Thanks to advanced training and a great deal of experience in the field a good number of snipers are absolutely deadly when it comes to their capabilities and what they can do, but they’re also human, which is what the expert in this video is getting at in some cases.

It’s pretty impressive when a sniper can hit a target that’s going by at amazing speeds when the target is so small, but it’s not always realistic since a sniper is, in a way, kind of like an archer in that they have to find their range, determine wind speed, and think about a few other variables as well as their posture when it comes to firing their rifles. But unlike an archer, obviously, snipers deal with extreme distances that tend to up the difficulty level and increase the likelihood of a miss if they’re off by just a little bit when it comes to their targeting. A sniper is a specialist that is taught how to deal death from a distance, and while some of those that have been trained around the world are proficient in creating several victims from just one, there are many that are taught one shot, one kill, as it’s just as lethal but not seen as unnecessarily cruel. Some of the best snipers are those that can kill from a distance without anyone knowing they’re ever there, but what we see in the movies is usually a lot of fantasy since whether or not they hit their target, a well-hidden sniper will eventually give themselves away if a person knows what to look for. Granted, this takes someone that knows how to conduct a quick and effective search, but snipers aren’t supermen, they do have to move occasionally in order to avoid being sitting targets for return fire.

And as it’s been seen in the movie, as good as a sniper can get, there are always ways to get to someone no matter how good they are at what they do. Snipers are the kind of individuals that don’t pour boxes of bullets at their enemies, they look for that one shot that can put the target down and provide cover for their squad and/or keep them safe. These types of soldiers are specialists that do the jobs that others aren’t trained to do most often, and their body counts can be kind of high since at times they are sent in to take care of high profile targets or clear the way for their fellow soldiers by taking out key individuals. In other words, snipers are the elite helpers of the armed forces that can stand shoulder to shoulder with their companions or be holed up in a sniper hide somewhere keeping an eye on things for the others and possibly taking out anyone that might pose a threat to their squad. In the movies, they’re nothing short of awesome since many movie snipers are able to drop their targets with one shot and from incredible distances, as well as in situations that are almost impossible. This is obviously a bit of amusement for some folks since those that have been there and done it are typically those that know better and don’t buy that a sniper can do some of the things that they’re depicted doing in the movies.

It’s obvious that the movies want to bolster the skills and impressive nature of what snipers do, but the best thing that some movies have done is show that being a sniper isn’t really a glamorous job since they have to sit and wait at times and they have to make the hard decisions to take a life that many people would never want. Lest we forget, snipers and their rifles are weapons of war, and one thing that the movies don’t do is glamorize this too much, which is a relief.

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