Spoiler Guy – Scrubs – Our First Day of School

scrubsThat’s the title of the first episode of Scrubs‘ ninth season: “Our First Day of School,” SpoilerTV is reporting. It doesn’t give away much at all; we already knew that the show would be set in medical school. However, this title does give us an insight into the possible format for the rest of the series’ titles.

As you know, most of the titles of the past eight years followed the format “My ________,” as told from J.D.’s point of view. There would occasionally be episodes with different formats, such as “His Story,” and “Her Story,” though the general concept remains.

With J.D. gone, and no single protagonist taking his place, it only makes sense that the title of the first episode begin with “Our.” I sense that this tradition will continue for quite a while, until the storyline moves past the med students or the show ends for good this time.

On another note, “Our First Day of School” will also feature a pregnant Sarah Chalke as a pregnant Elliott Reid, according to Kristin of E!. Looks like J.D.’s going to be a father for real this time.


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