Spoilers: Which Once Hottie is Returning to the Hunt? Plus: Pretty Little Liars, House, Revenge & True Blood

Once Upon a Time | Which Once hottie is returning to the hunt? At this week’s Wondercon in Anaheim, EPs Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis let an an important detail slip about a certain fan-favorite character. The Huntsman, whose alter-ego Graham was killed by Regina earlier this season, will appear in the season finale “A Land Without Magic”, which begins shooting this week.

Plus, don’t miss the next all-new episode “Hat Trick” on March 25. You can view photos for the episode here.

And on April 1, we’ll finally discover why the Evil Queen hates Snow White so much in the episode “Stable Boy”. Photos for the episode can be seen here.

Pretty Little Liars | What’s next for the Liars of Rosewood? Season 2 may be over, but in under a month, the cast will reunite and begin shooting Season 3. EP Marlene King recently tweeted that the premiere will be called “It Happened That Night”. And judging from her excited tweet to Sasha Pieterse, the first episode back will definitely feature Alison. The season premiere is scheduled to air on June 5 at 8 p.m.

Meanwhile, who’s gotten a role upgrade? On the heels of this week’s big episode, in which Mona was unmasked as “A”, Janel Parrish has been upped from recurring to series regular for Season 3. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though, given that “A” will certainly play a large part in the new season. In fact, according to Parrish, over the course of the season, we’ll learn just how Mona managed to pulled everything off and who else might be part of the “A” team. But first, when we return in the season premiere, six months will have passed for Mona in the sanitarium.

House | Who’s returning for the May 21 series finale? We sadly already know who won’t be returning for the finale, mainly Cuddy, but TVLine has the exclusive news that Olivia Wilde will reprise her role as Thirteen. The series finale, written by series creator David Shore and writers Peter Blake & Eli Attie, will be directed by David Shore, making it only the second time Shore has directed an episode of the series.

Revenge | Is there trouble brewing between Nolan and Emily? Putting aside the two’s somewhat curious connection, their friendship has been a rather tumultuous one since the series began, and it’s only going to get more so. Gabriel Mann teases E!Online, “Nolan does some very bad things, all in the name of the greater purpose.” Which, of course, a certain Revenge-er won’t be too happy about: “He can’t get anything by Emily ever.”

The show will return with the all-new episode “Doubt” on April 18. Photos for the episode are here.

True Blood | Who will we finally meet in a flashback to 1931? Over the course of the series we’ve learned a lot about Bill’s early life as a vampire, but although we know his son Thomas died from small pox, the fate of his daughter Sarah has not been shown, until now. In season six, we’ll flashback to 1931 and meet Bill’s elderly daughter Sarah and discover how she died from cancer.

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