Stana Katic Hits The New York Stage in “White Rabbit Red Rabbit”


The ABC show Castle was cancelled last season.  However, for a lucky few Stana Katic fans, they’ll be watching the actress perform live in the acclaimed off-Broadway play White Rabbit Red Rabbit.   The tickets for this sold out the day were announced!  Although, there may be a few rush tickets today,  it will definitely be a full-house tonight!

What exactly is White Rabbit Red Rabbit?  Well, I haven’t seen it yet – and neither has Stana Katic.  One of the show’s premises is that the actor doesn’t get to see the script until just before walking on stage!  The other is that an actor only gets to do it once! So every performance of this show – including tonight’s – is a once-in-a-lifetime event!

Without knowing anything about the show a literary-minded person might jump to thoughts of the famed Lewis Carroll books Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.  While there is some of that absurdist ideal in this play, that’s not where the rabbits in the title come from.   I won’t say more than that.  You can look for those spoilers online if you want.

The show is by the Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour.   Written in 2010 it has been done to critical acclaim all over the world!  In New York White Rabbit Red Rabbit opened March 7th with the fabulous Tony-award-winning actor Nathan Lane.  Other actors who have braved the once a week show in New York include: Whoopie Goldberg, Alan Cumming, and Cynthia Nixon.

Katic was just seen in the Lifetime Movie event Sister Cities.  She has another film, The Rendezvous premiering at the Mill Valley Film Festival on October 8th.  Still, the former Castle star never forgets her fans.  For those who may not have been able to get tickets for the show she’s created a scavenger hunt in the city!

Surprise, bunnies! Who’s up for a lil NYC scavenger hunt? 🐰#SKinNYC

– Stana Katic (@Stana_Katic) September 26, 2016

The clues are all clues from the show Castle, giving those fans a real treat!

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