Star Trek 4 Might Be Another Reboot: Really?

Going back to the roots of the Star Trek franchise and what it made the movies and the show what it became, as explained by Scott Campbell of We Got This Covered, really sounds like an idea that could further tank the already slightly ailing Star Trek movies that haven’t been unsuccessful in the box office, but have still been dipping in public regard. Like it or not, Beyond might have made money, but its reputation wasn’t the most stellar among the movies thus far since like the movies that have come before it’s relied so heavily on the action and special effects that a lot has been taken away from the main part of the story and as a result people are wondering just what Star Trek is really all about at this point. It does sound as though another reboot isn’t out of the question, but all in all it also feels as though if this happens it’s going to be about as effective as a game station that’s been rebooted manually again and again, eventually something’s got to give and one or more key components are going to become corrupted in a very disastrous way.

Don’t tell Trekkie fans, a lot of them are already worrying just what’s going to become of their precious final frontier, and in effect they probably should since rebooting it again would be negating the timeline that already stepped over the original timeline that had been established for so long. It’s true that fans still have their favorite movies, episodes, and some might even agree that the Star Trek franchise has been hitting one snag after another throughout the years, but try telling them that it needs a desperate reboot, again, and it feels likely that many of them might start wringing their hands and telling themselves that everything’s fine, there’s no need to worry, in their best jittery voice as they seek their nearest and most dearest memory to soothe them.

Believe it or not I’m not trying to make fun of Star Trek fans, in fact I can feel for them as a Star Wars fan since a lot of us have had to endure stomping in like a spoiled kid to change the narrative and send our favorite story careening along a path that we didn’t expect either. There’s no denying that eventually the story does have to take a different direction so that it doesn’t stagnate and eventually end up falling into a pit that it can’t climb out of, but rebooting Star Trek again after what feels like a minimum amount of time has passed is kind of hard to grasp given that only a few movies have been made since the new direction was taken.

In reality it doesn’t feel as though enough of the galaxy has been explored to justify needing to go back to square one again. The prime directive does appear to have been deviated from quite often in the Star Trek movies, which could be one reason why the need to travel back to the main idea of the whole story could have become a thought. After all when you check off the differences between Star Trek and Star Wars the idea of not interfering in an alien species and their culture has always been a part of the prime directive, and apart from that, the idea of Star Trek is to show the best of humanity and other species in a sort of utopian universe where only the worst are meant to be defended against while the rest of the galaxy is under the impression that things being ordered and reasonable is the way to go. This is a big reason why I’m a Star Wars fan, the realism of different peoples across the galaxy not buying into the utopia appears a lot more familiar. But apart from that, Star Trek is a more upbeat series on a more regular basis and doesn’t rely so heavily on the overriding nature of so many different beings.

Still, going back to do it all over again does feel premature in a big way and unless something else comes along such as a script or an idea that can justify moving forward instead of back, it does sound as though Star Trek could be flipping the script again and making another go of things as time travel appears to have become the default instrument when a new narrative is needed. Going back to creating a show in which the crew of the Enterprise are little more than explorers with barely any combat training however sounds like a recipe for disaster with a boredom lining. After all, scifi movies don’t have to be entirely laden with action, but some kind of conflict that has to be resolved and builds tension within a story is usually wise to include in most stories. Nick Evans of CinemaBlend has more to say on this matter.

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