Is Star Trek Really Just Space Fantasy?

I’m pretty sure that major fans of Star Trek are not going to like this. just made an amusing and clever comparison showing how Star Trek is really just the fantasy genre in space.  By showing side by shots of characters from Star Trek shows and movies to that of characters from fantasy genre films like Lord of the Rings you can see that the resemblances are pretty spot on.  But when you really think about it, who’s copying who?

The timeliness for these pictures are vastly different.  Can you really compare a dwarf from the Lord of the Rings franchise to Scotty?  We’re talking a time span of literally 40 years plus here.   The only rational explanation is that Ramses must be claiming the Tolkien books are what Star Trek is ripping from.

If that’s the case then you probably have an argument.  However, if that’s the case then this whole infographic is unnecessary and you should really be using books and scripts to draw comparisons.  Still though, isn’t this kind of fun to look at?  Yeah, I think it is.

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