Star Trek Theme Performed on The World’s First Tesla Coil Theremin

If you’re wanting me to explain away what just happened then you’re going to be disappointed since apart from dealing with electricity I don’t know that much about Tesla coils apart from how cool they look and what happens when they have a current being run through them. Apart from that the idea that one can play music, of a sort, with them using different frequencies is actually pretty interesting. There’s no doubt that one needs to understand the science and the application behind it but there’s also a lot to be impressed by since the manner in which this process is shown is something that anyone should be able to admit is kind of fun and even impressive. Those that know a lot more about Tesla coils might not be as easily impressed but those that know anything about the  original Star Trek opening theme might at least appreciate the idea of it. Just in case you didn’t get the whole idea of what a theremin is though, there are plenty of articles that explain this device and how it’s used to make music in a very hands-off kind of way.

Many hardcore and old school fans will likely recognize the theme song without any difficulty since it’s one of the most notable and easily recognized themes when it comes to TV. Created in 1964 it’s been used extensively throughout the original show and has also been treasured like many things throughout the years. It’s easy to state that Star Trek has changed quite a bit since then but a lot of Trekkie’s will still claim that the theme song is one of the many things that contributes to the overall enjoyment of the show. Funny enough there are Star Trek fans that will cling to their own generations and seek to acknowledge but otherwise gloss over other parts of the show since the changes have been too great for some and not enough for others. A serious Trekkie will be able to tell you just about anything and everything about the show while a casual fan will have a decent array of facts concerning the show but might enjoy it more for various aspects than anything. But woe to those that decide to say that they don’t like Star Trek in any way, shape, or form to those that revere this story.

Sam Moore of NME makes a good point when it seems his article indicates that the video above would be a lot more interesting to the average Trekkie than to, say, the average Star Wars fan. If you felt your nostrils flare and your eyes widen you might cling to either camp or you might find it interesting since both are continually trying to prove who has the better franchise. Star Trek came first without a doubt, but Star Wars has captured the attention of many in ways that Star Trek never could and for very good reason. Where Star Wars is more fantasy and theme-driven, Star Trek is much more analytical and focuses on scientific aspects and applications of the show. Despite the fact that both carry a great deal of fantasy with them, Star Wars has always been more about mystical connections than actual science since the Force is something that was just about ruined when it was explained away in The Phantom Menace. Trekkies and Star Wars fans have argued back and forth throughout the years when it comes to whose franchise is better, and each one of them certainly has a number of strengths to back up their claims.

For instance, Star Trek has dominated the TV scene for a long time now as no matter what show comes out or how hard it’s been tried, Star Wars never seems to take off that much when it comes to the TV shows it produces. Plus, Star Trek has been at it for so long that there’s really no way Star Wars can possibly keep up. Even with the new Star Wars shows coming out on Disney+ there’s bound to be more attention given to the Star Trek shows simply because they’re well-established and have a strong base to keep them up even if they’re not loved by every Trekkie. On the big screen however Star Wars took over in a big way and if it’s true that there are at least two more trilogies coming out, it’s bound to stay that way for a while. The Star Trek movies didn’t start out all that great but they did get better, until they got worse. A lot of the movies have had their redeemable qualities, and there’s nothing to say that Star Wars’ movies haven’t slipped a few different times, but in the long run the fantasy-driven scifi has really been more dominant on the movie scene.

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