Star Wars Fight Scenes Set to Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is a Must

War Pigs being used for the fight scenes in Star Wars is just amazing. Imagining them all crammed into one video is hard to picture at first but when you really get down to it the battles aren’t all that different in scope when you separate them out. The Jedi vs. the Sith, the Republic vs. the Confederacy, and the First Order vs. the Resistance. All of them kind of seem to repeat the same themes over and over throughout the franchise with only a few variations here and there to keep it interesting. But the fact is that things are kept interesting since the fights of the original franchise have been kind of supplanted by the fights of the more modern age.

Think about it.

Back in the the lightsaber battles were more careful parries that kind of devolved into hack and slash contests to see who had the quicker blade and greater amount of aggression. In the prequels they became more precise, less apt to be anything but impressive, and featured the first double-lightsaber to be shown on film. Since then lightsaber lore has expanded quite a bit and even the colors of the lightsabers have taken the interest of a lot of diehard fans that could probably tell you just who each saber belonged to and what the color meant. The lightsaber battles of the original movies were great but compared to those of today they were slightly muted and downplayed, though thanks to the prequels we know why.

The technology and armament used on the battlefield has changed greatly as well. In the prequels the grand army was composed of clones and very effective ships that became outdated rather quickly. As the tech improved so too did the use of soldiers that were being pushed into service. The clones served their purpose and after the fall of the Jedi were never heard from again for the most part. They became another outdated piece of armament that needed to be destroyed, retired, or otherwise. But one thing I’ve noticed between the battles in the comics, in the movies, and in the cartoons is that as the tech advances so too does the savage nature of each battle.

During the Clone Wars things were absolutely brutal. Yet the Jedi and the Republic still had access to just about everything they needed. They didn’t want for a lot when it came to getting the supplies they needed, though they still lost a good many soldiers and Jedi during the war. Battles were fought on all fronts and across several planets that were either damaged by increasingly violent war or were almost destroyed.

The space battles were particularly rough but unlike all of them that have come before the scene that struck a lot of people as most brutal came in The Final Jedi. Spoiler alert, I will talk about the last movie now so if you don’t want to know then look away or skip over it. But when Vice Admiral Hodo accelerated the flagship of the Resistance to light speed and plowed through the First Order ships in her path, that was perhaps the most impressive move in any Star Wars battle ever conceived.

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