Star Wars is Taking a Long Break after Rise of Skywalker

Most fans won’t want to hear this but Star Wars will apparently be taking a break following The Rise of Skywalker. Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb has stated that apparently Bob Iger and the rest of the Mouse House have come to the conclusion that there’s been too much Star Wars material being doled out as of late and as a result the fans are getting restless. This would be just one explanation of course, but the rest could be that the fans are a bit angered over just what’s been done to the franchise in the past couple of years and might be giving the kind of feedback that’s being taken through a filter that Disney has used to interpret their discontent as fatigue. You know, the same thing that a lot of parents figure is the reason their children might be throwing tantrums and acting all rowdy at certain times in the evening? It might be fatigue, but it could also have to do with the fact that Disney has seriously erred in trying to blaze their own path when they have such a wealth of material to pull from in order to give the fans what they really wanted. It’s true that fans are fickle and sometimes turn their noses up at pretty much anything, but this time around it really seems that Disney misread and misused something that could have been so much better.

All it would take is a simple statement, not an apology or even an explanation, but a statement by Disney that would bring the EU into play finally, no matter how it had to happen. Even bringing it forth AFTER this current trilogy would be just fine. Create a new Jedi Order, bring in another devastating Galactic Civil War, create new characters, it would be better than thinking that this is what’s going to be accepted as the canon for now and always. It’d be great to see if someone could actually make Disney stand up and pay attention to what the fans want for once and actually bring back the EU, or Legends canon, that a lot of casual fans tell the more die hard fans to forget about and stop whining over. Joseph Corlito-Morell actually tried to get a petition going on to do just this. Unfortunately a lot of people watching the movies now have never read the EU canon and don’t know the vast treasure trove of material that is just sitting there, waiting to be explored. New aliens, new worlds, and new adventures could be explored by new Jedi, against new, hidden Sith, and against various other Force users, but it’s more likely than not that Disney will seek to expand the Star Wars universe in the form of TV shows on Disney+ before they ever get back to the big screen. That’s not too terrible really, as it allows the universe to expand even further within the time frame that’s already been established. From the Mandalorian to the series starring Cassian Andor there’s bound to be plenty that we’ll see that will widen the universe in a way that might be pleasing.

But when the movies eventually come back, because you know they will, it would be great to see more of the EU canon, even though that’s a fleeting hope. One thing that Disney would be wise to do however would be to keep mention and even the presence of the Jedi and the Sith around, or at least expand on the Force and its many different adherents so as to keep in mind that this is a central idea to the galaxy, as the continuing matters of the universe are bound by the Force no matter where a story takes place. And to be honest, there are a LOT of Force users in the universe that know the Force by a different name and have learned to utilize it in many different ways. But seeing as how we won’t be seeing a new movie even by 2022 it’s going to be torture for a lot of Star Wars fans that might actually get tired of the TV shows after a while. It’s going to be on Disney to keep them as entertaining as possible in order to keep up the interest, as like it or not, it could be possible to tank a franchise that has survived many years of dissent between the fans.

At this point there are still plans for new trilogies to come out in the next few years, but it’s not certain whether or not those dates will stick at this time since Disney seems to be willing to sit back and let their streaming network take over and perhaps rely on the TV shows that are almost here as well as the merchandising that is usually such a massive source of revenue. One thing is certain, it’d be best if they didn’t wait too long.

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