Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

There can be no doubt about the fact that The Last Jedi was a financial success. Sure, it didn’t perform as well as The Force Awakens, but no one reasonable would’ve expected the second movie in a Star Wars trilogy to perform as well as the first, particularly not when the first was the first Star Wars movie to have been released after an entire decade. However, there can also be no doubt about the fact that The Last Jedi has produced something of a divide in the Star Wars fandom between those who loved it and those who hated it.

Unfortunately, there is no simple and straightforward answer to the question of why The Last Jedi has proven to be so divisive for the Star Wars fandom, not least because different people complain about different narrative choices. For example, some people hate the idea that Luke has been reduced to a hermit hiding out on a planet because of the catastrophic consequences of a moment of weakness, which may or may not be connected to the fact that he was the childhood hero of a lot of people out there. In contrast, other people hate the idea that Snoke was eliminated so soon and with so little explanation so that Kylo Ren could step into his place as the primary villain of the current Star Wars trilogy, which might have been particularly irksome for Star Wars fans who have become used to reams and reams of backstory for Star Wars characters.

Whatever the case, it is clear that the Star Wars fandom has its divides over The Last Jedi, which is why the Honest Trailer has brought back its old narrator to attack the movie while its current narrator defend it. The result is an interesting back-and-forth over The Last Jedi that favors neither side of the divide but instead provides it with an interesting look at how it has polarized Star Wars fans. As a result, whether Star Wars fans fall on one side or the other, the Honest Trailer is well worth checking out.

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