Star Wars Live-Action Series Still Far Off

George Lucas first mentioned doing a live-action Star Wars series back in 2005, while promoting for Star Wars Episode III, but many had either given up on this becoming a reality, or thought it was so far off that it didn’t warrant much thought. However, earlier this week the gossip mills were churning fulltime, when Rose Byrne (she was the only handmaiden in Attack of the Clones who survived past the first scene) mentioned to that many of her friends were trying out for George Lucas’ new Star Wars Live-Action series. ‘A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it,’she said.

But before you start unpacking your lightsabers and putting on your favorite Jedi cloak, has confirmed with Lucasfilm that a casting agent in Australia is “doing some preliminary ground work, but official casting will not start until the scripts are complete.” The Lucasfilm rep added that this means that production wouldn’t begin, at the earliest, until 2010. Sorry Star Wars fans, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see your far away galaxy on the small screen.

For those of you still confused and wanting the scoop on this series, it will reportedly take place in the Star Wars Void, the period of time between Episode III, Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV, A New Hope. It will feature minor characters from the Star Wars universe and loosely follow the beginning of the Rebel Alliance and their buildup of forces. The show will not feature any Jedi, nor will we see Darth Vader on screen, but he will be mentioned. Stormtroopers and other familiar creatures will also be fixtures in the show.

Lucas has said that he will write and direct the entire first season, following the same methodology he used for The Clone Wars series, shooting the entire season before searching for a network to air it on. After the first season, he will give directing and writing responsibilities to somone else, and stay on as Executive Producer.

Lucas has also stated that the series will be a darker version of Star Wars, more character focused, and much more suitable for adults. But whether or not Lucas can earn back the trust of disgruntled hardcore fans who were unhappy with the prequels remains to be seen. If George Lucas can write a successful, real, and gritty Star Wars, and reinvent the series in the same way the Ronald Moore’s Battlestar Galactica did for that franchise, then the fans will return in droves never seen before. But if Lucas gives them yet another critical failure he stands the risk of losing his original fanbase forever. Unfortunately, we’ll all be waiting well into 2010 or 2011 to find out. But hey, we had to wait longer for the prequels, didn’t we? Of course, look at how that turned out.

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