Star Wars Meets Star Trek in Awesome Fan-Made Crossover Trailer

There has always been a deep-seeded rivalry between fans of the two most popular space-based television shows/movies — “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” However, have you ever thought about what would happen if the defenders of the galaxy, from each of these iconic shows/movies banned together to help save the world? If so, you’re definitely not the only one. In fact, a scenario where the Federation of Planets went up against the Galactic Empire is not only seen, but brought to sort-of, real-life in a recently created, fan-made trailer that is a mash-up of the two shows. Called “Trek Wars,” this is an imaginary crossover trailer that features both of these out-of-this-world shows.

The Creation of the “Trek Wars” Trailer

This imaginative trailer was created by Captain JZH, a YouTube user. It borrows scenes from the classic episodes of “Star Trek,” as well as the “Star Wars” movies to create the “real life” scenario where the Death Star winds up floating through Federation space, with Captain Kirk and his crew from the USS Enterprise, as well as help from the smugglers Chewbacca and Han Solo, who have to join forces to stop it.

At the beginning of the trailer, you will see the Federation figuring out what horrible consequences this type of weapon may have. After that scene, starts a montage of various commanding officers yelling “Fire,” which is then followed by the sounds of weapons discharging and ships exploding. All this happens before the final scene of the trailer, which is a showdown between the feared Darth Vader, and the beloved Captain Kirk.

The Hypothetical Situation Many Wish was Achievable

Even though this type of crossover is only possible in the land of hypotheticals, it is still a situation that is fun to think about — and the trailer that has been posted on YouTube is fun to watch and think about what’s going to happen next. After all, from some people’s point of view, the Galactic Empire may be seen as being the dark side of the Federation of Planets. Both are big, governing bodies that hold authority over a number of planets in each of the universes.

Will a Crossover Ever Be Possible?

While it would be great to say “Yes!” the fact is, this type of crossover simply isn’t feasible. However, there is a very small amount of hope for this story to be turned into comics. Currently, IDW Publishing holds the “Star Trek” comic book license and has already published some other crossover stories, such as “Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who,” and “Star Trek/Green Lantern.”

However, “Star Wars,” is owned by Disney. This company also owns Marvel Comics. As a result, Disney has made the Marvel brand the main topic of its canonical comic books; however, has given permission to IDW Publishing to publish “Star Wars Adventures,” which is an anthology series that is targeted to a younger audience.

Anyone who loves adventures in space, can get behind this trailer, and who knows, maybe sometime in the future you can see the conclusion to this compelling situation.

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