Star Wars: A New Hope as Reenacted by Cats

After watching Star Wars: A New Hope being reenacted by cats I might have to go wash my eyes out. Normally I would say that these guys were at least trying to make something interesting and did what they could with what budget they had but at this moment I’m finding it very hard to allow any such words to make it onto the page. Seriously, it’s hard to think of something complimentary without wanting to slap myself for daring to stick up for these guys at the moment. I’ve got a good idea what they were thinking and why they did it but there are some things in life that kind of require another thought to make certain that the one you’re acting on doesn’t come to fruition.

I’m almost inclined to believe that the cats in this feature were sedated somehow or are extremely  patient animals to put up with the treatment they were going through in order to make this clip.  How else can you describe the fact that none of them are yowling or trying to escape? Of course if this kind of thing is what passes for normal in their lives they could just be used to it and have learned that fighting isn’t the best way to handle things. Yeah, right. The last few cats I’ve been around would have filleted these guys for half of the stuff they’re doing.

Darth Percolator? The Dark side of the Roast? I’ll give them points for being inventive at least since that was something that wasn’t too bad. Star Wars spoofs are nothing new but some are downright funny while some are just so horrible that you spend most of the clip wondering at what you’re looking at and the rest of it wondering why. This was definitely one of those clips. Yes they’re inventive and at least have the spirit of the movie but their execution in some areas is just, well, it’s not good. I’m really trying to be nice now and not rip it apart any more than good sense dictates but it was brutal to watch.

It’s not cool to trash on someone else’s video, I get that, but with something like this these guys had to know that there was going to be a bit of backlash, right? I’m a dedicated Star Wars fan that loves the franchise and I don’t like seeing it trashed, ever, but I do have a sense of humor and can at least open my mind to other possibilities that people want to showcase. Now other fans who are hardcore and dyed in the wool Star Wars fanatics might easily be divided on this clip. Some of them might do their best wookie roar and reply that they’d like to rip the arms off of the guys the did C-3PO and R2-D2, while others might just grin, nod, and go on their merry way.

One thing’s for certain, if there was an award for the most horrible representation of Star Wars in a clip this would likely be nominated.

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