Star Wars Reimagined: Return of the Jedi

It’s not hard to think that a lot of Star Wars fans would love to see a remade trilogy, be it the original so that it could match up to the current sequels, or a remake of the current sequels that might better represent the original trilogy. Opinions about Star Wars aren’t hard to find since the moment one types in a Google search they’re bound to find so many different lines of thought on what should have happened and what needs to happen that getting lost in one argument or another would be exceedingly simple. The unfortunate part of this is that by getting lost in this manner one would no doubt be forced to pick a side eventually when it came to determining what should happen and what shouldn’t. Someone has obviously concocted a way to show what should have happened in Return of the Jedi using the information from the current trilogy, which is kind of interesting in some respects but just flat out amusing in others. Seriously, people can say whatever they want concerning Star Wars, but the sad part is that unless someone can convince Disney of what to do and how to pay any true respect to the franchise, then this is what we’re going to keep getting. But the efforts are still amusing and definitely worth making.

Without admitting to anything, liking or disliking anything about Star Wars, it’s best that the trilogies be left as they are since like it or not, mucking about now would only make things worse considering that such things as midichlorians, dyads, and other such ideas that have been mentioned multiple times in some of the movies have kind of ruined it for some folks. As a Star Wars fan, my personal stance is that I’ll always like Star Wars, but like so many others there are things that bear commenting on and others that might be allowed to slip by. Re-imagining ROTJ is kind of funny since somewhere in there if you listen very carefully, you’ll hear the famous Wilhelm scream, and of course, you’ll be able to notice all the references to the previous movies and to the most recent trilogy since everything had to come from somewhere no matter how implausible people might think it is. The whole franchise has become kind of a mess that people pick and tear at as they will, and that fans tend to take as they want it from time to time since even George Lucas, the guy that created the franchise, isn’t in full disagreement with how it’s been treated. When the creator of something is disappointed in how things turned out, one can reasonably assume that things have fallen off the rails and haven’t found a way to right themselves in a long time.

To be fair, a lot of people grew up watching Star Wars and weren’t too pleased when Disney acquired it since it was kind of the beginning of the end for a lot of folks since there was no way that Disney, a family-friendly company, was going to do anything meaningful with the franchise, or so a lot of people came to believe. In truth, the Mouse House still hasn’t done much with the franchise apart from splitting the fanbase, which definitely features a very toxic side, while at the same time distracting people with a lot of flash and flair. The one show they’ve created that has that much worth to it at this point, The Mandalorian, came to be since it didn’t follow a ‘woke’ model that the trilogy appeared to embrace at some point, though a lot of us could be fooling ourselves by believing that. Whatever one wants to think though, the fact is that everything after ROTJ has been subject to a great deal of fan scrutiny, as the prequels were hated by quite a few people, fans included, until the sequels came along and gave those same fans something else to gripe about.

It’s hard to know which way to lean on this matter since some people want more flash and pomp in the Star Wars franchise, and also want more Jedi/Sith adventures, where some people want something more like the beginning of The Mandalorian, or Rogue One, that didn’t rely so heavily on the Force and those that could wield it. It’s easy to argue that there’s a much bigger universe to deal with that doesn’t always require the Force, but given that the Jedi and Sith have started some truly horrendous wars throughout the galaxy it would also be nice to see some of the Old Republic stories come to light in favor of trying to figure out the mess that’s been made of the original movies at this point. Letting the Skywalker saga finally just sit and rest for a while might do it a great amount of good.

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