Stargate Universe 1.03 “Air Pt.3” Recap

normal_cast_season1_34The newly minted crew of the Destiny were spread in three different areas Friday night: the ship, Earth, and on a barren desert landscape. In other words, there was enough drama for an infinite amount of galaxies. I will break the action up the best way I can since we had flashbacks/hallucinations, Earthbacks, and present drama on the ship and offworld.

Flashback (Hallucination): Son of a Preacher Man

Some might say that Lt. Scott was hallucinating and some might consider it a flashback, but I am going to take it as a bit of both since the scene gave back story and dissolved into sand at the end of it.

In the flashbacks, Lt. Matthew Scott sits in a church crying to a priest about how he has failed the priest, the Lord, and himself. The priest later questions him about his love for a young woman. Scott answers that ‘she is not going to have it’and that the girl is sixteen and that it was pretty much a one-night stand. Papa was a rolling stone at an early age it seems. Scott then tells the priest that he thought that ‘He was his calling’, but now he doesn’t know. The priest says he is sorry, which Scott replies that he is the one who is weak, not the priest. The priest then dissolves into sand. Hmm…

SGU and the Quest For The Bed of Limestone

The episode actually picks up where it left off last week with the makeshift SG team arriving at their desert location. There is nothing but miles and miles and miles of sand and not a landmark or, most importantly, a DHD (dial home device, for the noobs). Luckily, the crew (Dr. Rush, Greer, Scott, Eli, another soldier, and two scientists) has a remote dialer that the Ancients thankfully left them. The science babble escapes me, but basically the scientists need to find a high level of calcite (or limestone), which can only be found on a dry riverbed. But there is none in the vicinity of the gate so they have to go and explore, something that none of them are clearly trained for, especially with a twelve hour time limit breathing down there necks.

The group debates about water preservation, while Greer and Scott order silence while walking. I don’t know if the demand fornormal_cast_season1_49silence was to help prevent dehydration, but I thought that it was kind of unnerving and creepy for the soldiers to lord over the scientists and Eli. Just throwing that out there. Meanwhile, one of the scientists wants to check out the other addresses in the vicinity that the Destiny rejected, but Dr. Rush declares that the current planet is where they need to be, since the Destiny dialed it for them.

After Eli tries to make a funny Planet of the Apes joke, Scott decides to split the group up. He wants Eli to lead the second group that would consist of the two scientists (Palmer and Franklin) and Curtis, the other soldier. Scott also tells Eli that he trusts him and that’s the only way that Eli can possibly help them at this point. Dr. Rush stays with Greer and Scott, which can only mean that there will be plenty of bickering and threats to kill from this group.

And I am right.

Dr. Rush thinks that Scott is moving too fast for them to successfully collect samples. When Scott and Greer don’t listen, Dr. Rush starts berating them on being ‘little boys playing soldiers’who are trying to appease a father figure in their life. Greer is not for the BS and kicks Rush in his back. While the two men bicker, Scott sees a small sand tornado that dissipates after he calls Greer to see it. After the group takes off again, the tornado returns and sucks up the moisture that was left from Dr. Rush’s water bottle.

Uh Oh.

Eli and his group are not having any luck finding samples either. But maybe they could have tried harder if they weren’t too busy trying to stage a coup. Palmer, Curtis, and Franklin all want to try the other addresses and have a way of overriding the block the Destiny put on them. Their reasoning, which is their lack of trust for Rush, is sound to an extent, but they are just in the dark as much as he is. They think the Ancients probably had better equipment that they haven’t discovered yet to find the limestone in a timely manner and are not taking any chances. Franklin thinks that they should find a habitable planet to survive on than save a dilapidated ship. I don’t know why, but Franklin reminds me too much of Artz from LOST; not because of the actor, but because of his character screams ‘˜death’. Anyway, Eli is outnumbered in this one. So much for leading…

Dr. Rush wants Greer and Scott to leave him, because he feels that he is not going to make it, but still wants to find the limestone bed. Rush offers his water bottle to them for extra sustenance. Scott decides that he will keep going and for Greer to take Rush back to the ship since he is more valuable there. Eli then radios in about the coup and Greer immediately speaks my mind: they have the remote so how else will Greer, Scott and Rush get back? Rush also adds that it will take longer than twelve hours to find out if a planet is hospitable, in other words it will be a lost cause.

Scott continues his trek on his own and comes across the small dust tornado. Scott drops some water and the tornado sucks it up. Scott digs where the tornado picked up the water and finds the face of the priest, which is clearly a hallucination.

normal_cast_season1_50Dr. Rush starts grinding Greer’s gears when Dr. Rush starts demanding water and talking about Greer’s past, which discloses that Greer was underprivileged. The two men tussle and Greer doesn’t lose the upper hand at all, making it known that Rush is the reason they are in the mess they are in now.

Eli tries to stop Franklin, Palmer and Curtis from entering the gate, but Curtis and Palmer enter anyway. Greer and Dr. Rush show up in time to shoot Franklin in the arm to retain the remote. Eli then announces that they have six hours left and Greer tries to radio to Scott, but doesn’t get an answer.

Scott follows the dust tornado and Scott is being followed by a hallucination of the priest, who tells Scott to keep moving and not give up. Scott says that he will not let those people down like he did the priest, who responds ‘He has a plan for all of us’.

After not being able to reach Scott, Greer decides to go back for him and a snide comment from Dr. Rush gives Greer incentive to leave a pistol with Eli in case Dr. Rush tries any funny business. Meanwhile, Scott collapses and sees a life size crucifix standing in the sand. This is where Scott has his flashbacks/hallucinations. This area is also huge bed of limestone where a lake used to be. Scott tests the sand and sure enough it passes the test. Scott dumps all of his stuff out his pack and fills it with the wet sand.

Greer looks for Scott, who is trying to make his way back to the rendezvous point. The ship sends in more soldiers, one including Scott’s FWB (friend with benefits), they too head out to find Scott while Eli watches the gate. Greer reaches Scott, who has collapsed again and hauls him back, but the other team has left and time is almost up. When the clock reaches closer to the deadline, Greer and Scott appear, but they are not close enough to beat the clock. Dr. Rush orders for Eli to stick his hand in the gate, as you would do an elevator. When concerns of severed limbs are brought up, Dr. Rush says that the Ancients probably built in a safety protocol so nobody would be cut off. The trick works and the three men fall through the gate with the pack of sand in their possession.

As soon as the gate closes, the ship jumps into FTL drive off to their next destination.

Switched Bodies and Severed Ties

The ‘˜B’story of the week was actually a little more interesting than the ‘˜A’story. After seeing off the expedition team, Col. Youngnormal_cast_season1_38 tends to a still distraught Chloe. He tells her that he is about to use the Ancient communication stones (that Rush uses last week) to talk to Earth, Chloe only says that she wants to tell her mother herself.

On Earth, Colonel Telford sits waiting for another communication to come through and gets his wish. A female doctor, Dr. Mitka (?), is the vessel for Chloe’s soul. Col. Telford becomes a real hothead when he lands in Col. Young’s bruised and broken body and a handful for Tamara.

Gen. O’Neill tells Young that no one is prepared for dealing with the Stagates and that the survivors of Icarus Base need to do with what they have and fix the ship. Young expresses concern to O’Neill that the group might reach a cut off point and feels that everyone needs a chance to say goodbye soon to their loved ones. Meanwhile, Chloe sees her mother and tells her about Senator Armstrong’s heroic death. Mrs. Armstrong later demands that SGC (Stargate Command) do their damnedest to bring her daughter home or she is snitching about the program. And she meant business people!

As I said before, Telford is on a rampage and it never sinks in that he is in a damaged body, but he wants to see all of the ship for normal_cast_season1_37himself, despite Tamara’s pleas for him to stay put in one place. He orders for the group scientists to keep open communication by dialing the gate every twenty minutes, even though they tell him the ship needs to conserve power. In other words, he is being a huge ass nuisance for something her doesn’t know anything about. He asks for painkillers from Tamara, who gives him a sedative instead to save Col. Young’s body. Col. Young and Chloe return when Dr. Rush brings back the shot Franklin. The ship and crew are now feeling the crunch of the CO2, but are relieved when the CO2 scrubbers are fixed. But what next?


Everyone breathes in the fresh air while Scott lays in his bed recuperating. Chloe comes in and the two have a heart to heart. Scott’s parents died when he was a kid and the priest in his flashbacks raised him till Scott was sixteen. The priest drunk himself to death and Scott never got over it and says he understands Chloe’s plight.

Meanwhile, a pod ship (presumably the damaged one Armstrong sacrificed himself in) ejects from the Destiny.

So should we chalk up Palmer and Curtis as the first two casualties of the Icarus Base’s journey? Even though Dr. Rush was correct in all observations, I still would be leery of his intentions with the crew. Telford and the doctor from Earth were real pains in the ass tonight and nearly made Dr. Rush seem like a saint. Nearly. A damn good episode and a damn good conclusion of the premiere, so I am in for the long haul.

How about you?


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