Stargate Universe: Kino Webisode #24 “Wait For It” Recap

The latest Kino webisode is of the light variety with a prank war going on between Brody and Riley, who returned this week on the SGU episode, “Human”, but not to a big hoopla. This Kino webisode takes place before the events of “Human” since Eli and Scott are in attendance.

Brody has Eli watch a Kino feed of Riley getting ready to take a shower. While Eli whines about watching a man taking a shower, Brody rants about how Riley had rigged Brody’s console to make it seem as if Brody accidently initiated the Destiny to self-destruct. After the already unnerved Brody nearly suffered a heart attack from this prank, he decided to get even. As Brody explains to Eli, he took some purple dye from some sweet potatoes they picked up on a planet (presumably the one from “Faith”), and injected the dye into the shower system so when Riley took his shower, he would be covered in it. The dye is supposed to stay on the body for a couple of weeks, enough for humiliation and a few Grimace or Barney jokes. But while Brody and Eli watch, Riley surprisingly doesn’t get anything blasted on him. Brody is pissed.

Eli walks with Brody to the shower room to see what happened. Brody works with the knobs in the shower and gets shot with the purple dye. Eli howls, while Brody accuses him of being in on the joke, which Eli denies through laughing fits.

Later in the mess hall, Eli and Riley talk about how they rigged a recording of Riley taking a shower earlier and having Eli play the recording for Brody to throw him off. Everyone has a laugh, which escalates when a purple faces Brody walks quickly into the mess hall, retrieves something and hurriedly exits. It’s nice to hear laughter between the grunts and civilians again…

Here’s a link to the webisode here.

Source: MGM Stargate Website

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