The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy’s News Upsets Brooke

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know exactly what happened last week, but we know you want to hear it all again. It was the best week in the history of the show, and we cannot get over how good it all went with this situation. There was so much love, so much power, and so much happiness, and it should have been a bad week for everyone. We know that everyone has been struggling with the love triangle that is Liam, Hope, and Steffy for months now. And we have all grown so tired of it. We are so over watching Liam decide he can’t decide and we are even more tired of watching these two strong, grown women sit back and allow him to treat them both like options while he is loving the one he is with. And that’s been something special.

But what we really have to say is that we finally all got what we wanted. We all got to see that Steffy made a decision. She wasn’t going to be part of Liam’s indecision all over again. She chose herself. She didn’t marry Bill. She didn’t let Liam string her along again, and she chose to not take either of them in her life. She’s on her own now, and she’s killing it. But then we saw that Liam chose Hope and she’s so happy about it. Except that we all know he did not choose her. She was chosen for him, and that’s just how it all went down. He chose to let Steffy make his decisions, and that is how it all went down for him. Brooke is thrilled. Ridge is thrilled. Steffy is thrilled. Everyone is happy, well, except Emma since Zoe was hired by Thorne and Xander is fine with it all happening like this.

What’s Happening on the Bold and the Beautiful

We are so confused, but we choose to go with it. Fans are SO excited to see Liam with Hope, but we are over here like, “We wish she would have also told him to get lost and stop making her a choice in his life,” just like Steffy did. He is not good for either of them, and she’s his second option. She’s always his second option, and winning his hand in marriage is not a win when the woman he always wants to be with told him she was taking herself out of the running. But fans love it, and we are still going to sit back here and just wonder why. Why this is a thing. Why this is a situation. Why. Just why?

What’s Next on the Bold and the Beautiful

This week should bring an interesting moment or two now that Steffy has shared something with Hope and Liam that affects all of them. No one is particularly shocked that she said it, but we all want to know how they will handle it. She’s got to focus on her own life, and she’s not looking for distractions to get in her way. She’s not sure she wants to deal with anything that is outside her comfort zone, and no one is surprised about that. But we are going to see that Hope and Liam decide they want to get married. Liam and Steffy will decide they want to handle custody problems, and Brooke has a big issue when they invite Steffy to their wedding. She thinks it’s a bad idea, but they want to have her there. And there is nothing that will take her away from that moment, but she does invite her mother.

Brooke is especially going to lose it when she finds out that not only Brooke is coming to her daughter’s wedding to Liam, she’s bringing her mother. She will have some serious words with Ridge about it, but no one can seem to talk her down about her issues. Steffy will tell her dad that Brooke and Taylor will meet before the wedding, and he’s not sure that’s a good idea. No one is surprised that this wedding is about to go down, but we all know that it must be a difficult life to be part of Liam’s life when he’s constantly engaged and planning weddings like this.

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