Stephen Colbert’s “Winter Storm Jonas” Tips on The Late Show

In classic Stephen Colbert fashion, The Late Show host makes a complete mockery of the latest winter storm that has the potential to affect 85 million people.  Dubbed “Jonas” this winter storm is projected to whip up snow amounts of up to 3 feet in some areas.  But as people always do during these storms, Colbert makes fun of the apocalyptic stance people generally take when these storms are announced.

Right off the bat Colbert opens with “It means so much that you decided to spend these last few hours alive with me.”  Then he goes on to give his hilarious take on “Jonas” by immediately making fun of the name. But the best part of the monologue is when Colbert dives into his “Winter Storm Jonas” tips.  I don’t want to give away every tip that he advises, but my favorite one was his advice on how to harness electricity by rubbing together a fleece blanket and two cats.   Colbert creates the new “universal” sign for electricity.

Every year people go crazy at storm preparation when the reality is you should just stay inside, wait it out, and clean up when it’s safe to go outside. Thankfully Colbert gave us all a smile last night reminding us to chill out a little bit.

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