Stephen Colbert Discusses Hillary Clinton’s “What If?” Revelations on The Late Show

One of the biggest political stories of yesterday involved the emergence of Hillary Clinton.   The former Secretary of State spoke at the Women’s International conference yesterday and the biggest story arose from her comments on the election results.   “If the election had been on Oct. 27, I’d be your president,” Mrs. Clinton said.

Hillary took the blame for her loss but was “on the way to winning” until Mr. Comey’s late involvement in the form of a letter to Congress alerting the country that emails newly obtained from top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s computer were being investigated for possible relevance to the closed case. She also said Russia worked to defeat her by orchestrating the leak of campaign chief John Podesta’s emails, which served as a distraction and an embarrassment in the campaign’s final weeks.

Reactions by news outlets were mixed.   Many of the more conservative analysts pointed to a number of other factors causing Clinton to lose and some are now calling her a sore loser.  Clinton came out saying she’s now part of the Trump resistance.   Other analysts are again pointing to Russian interference in the election and are still saying Clinton should be our President.   Either way, she’s not and we’re where we are.

Stephen Colbert took to his monologue to address the situation and here’s what he had to say last night:

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