Stephen Colbert and Sigourney Weaver Make an Exclusive “Alien” Trailer

I have a question.  Why is that people don’t talk about how unbelievably well Sigourney Weaver has aged?  First of all I think that how gorgeous she was in Galaxy Quest deserves a mention nearly every time her name gets mentioned.  I swear to God in that movie I just assumed it wasn’t Sigourney Weaver.   Not that Weaver wasn’t beautiful in her earlier days.  She definitely was.  I just don’t think she gets mentioned enough for the beauty at her age.  Let’s not forget she’s 67-years-old.  Yes, 67.  Helen Mirren always gets mentioned for her beauty at an older age.  Shouldn’t we be ogling over Weaver more?

Anyway, that’s enough about that.  Let’s talk about the fact that Sigourney Weaver was on The Late Show last night with a surprise appearance.  Stephen Colbert was talking about Weaver and the Alien franchise and he decided to make his own new trailer for the franchise.  Weaver came on to help him.  Ellen Ripley has saved the entire human race from hostile Xenomorphs on more than one occasion. But Randy might be her most threatening foe yet…

Let’s take a look below:  I still can’t believe she’s 67.

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