Stephen Colbert Tries to Make Sense of Trump’s Relationship With Putin

It’s pretty interesting that Donald Trump has been bashing the media trying to create the allure that it’s all “fake news,” and that the media is public enemy number one.  Yet when the Jeff Sessions scandal hit the public, the media is exactly what Trump has been trying to use to deflect attention away from yet another piece of evidence that his administration has ties to Russia.   Trump put out a series of unsubstantiated tweets accusing President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the elections in a poor attempt to deflect attention away from his own activities.   There’s not one piece of evidence supporting this claim and even the FBI has said to dismiss the allegations.   Trump also made some lame Arnold Schwarzenegger Apprentice tweets that got little attention.

To make sense of all of this, The Late Show was back to analyze the White House and its ties to Russia.  Stephen Colbert whipped out the Figure-Out-A-Tron, a very high tech piece of equipment that aimed to create a series of connections relating President Trump to Vladimir Putin.  Actually this piece of technology is a chalk board but the audience seemed to love it.  Watch how Colbert navigates his way through all the key players involved in the Russia scandal below:

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