Steven Moffat Receives Death Threats Over Doctor Who Episode

When you write for a fanbase as dedicated and diverse as Doctor Who, you’re going to get a lot of criticism. That’s doubly so for showrunner Steven Moffat, who took over the reins of the show in 2010 after Russell T. Davies departed. Moffat’s run of the show has been frenzied, fun, and absolutely bonkers, and his writing for the new Doctor (Matt Smith) in my opinion beats Davies’ writing for David Tennant. But, as with every show, not everyone thinks the same way I do. In fact, some think much, much differently.

With the newest episode of the series, “A Good Man Goes to War,” Moffat dropped the bombshell of River Song’s true identity, a question he’d been setting up since 2008 when River (Alex Kingston) first appeared in the episode “Silence in the Library.” Fans were divided over Moffat’s reveal. Some loved it, some really, deeply despised it. Some even sent Moffat threats.

“Only one death threat, two demands for my immediate resignation, and two for my suicide,” Moffat (pictured right with Matt Smith and Alex Kingston) posted on Twitter. “IT’S A HIT!!”

That number does seem pretty low by Doctor Who standards, and I’ve heard a lot less grumbling about this reveal than I have about other reveals on the show — though admittedly, this could be because the episode hasn’t aired in the United States yet. But, since British fans are the most dedicated and vehement members of the fanbase, the five threats that Moffat listed below, however tongue-in-cheek, is a good sign that the River Song twist has been accepted by the fan community.

Doctor Who will return to the UK in the fall with the episode “Let’s Kill Hitler,” while “A Good Man Goes to War,” will air on BBC America next Saturday.

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