Steven Tyler has a Gift for Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

Steven Tyler paid a visit to Stephen Colbert last night on The Late Show and if you can get past the way he looks which is frankly not particularly like a human, there were some interesting things discussed. First Steven talks about how the song “Janie got a gun” came to be. It’s an interesting story because initially he didn’t even have a clue as to why he came up with the lyrics. He simply played the notes on the piano and had the words “Janie’s got a gun” in his head. Turns out he then watched a story on Newsweek about gun control which inspired the entire story for the song. He now has a fund called Janie’s Fund which focuses on abused children and tries to help them out.

But then things get a little lighter as Tyler brings Colbert a gift. He whips out a scarved microphone which is basically a microphone wrapped in a scarf. Colbert and Tyler then proceed to absolutely rock the mic as Tyler teaches Colbert some pretty sweet stage moves. Colbert then proceeds to act like a rock star and starts singing the Aerosmith classic “Dream on.” Colbert then says he’s “possessed by the spirit of Steven Tyler.” Check out the clip above. It’s pretty awesome.

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