What “Stranger Things” Characters Would Look Like As Toys

It’s always interesting to find out what your favorite characters might look like as toys, this time we get to see how this affects the cast of Stranger Things. Chocotoy has only done these four characters but they’re the core group in the first season so it makes sense. Of course the exaggerated looks of them are kind of odd but it’s all in how each company that’s allowed to put up their idea decides to represent each character. At this point we’ve seen numerous representations that have run the gamut from honest and truthful to just downright disturbing. This representation is more quirky and funny than anything but it might still make you cock your head as you try to figure just what they’re trying to go for.

The big bodies, the exaggerated faces, and the smiles they’re all sporting seem to indicate that they’re having a good time. Honestly how often did you see Eleven smile? It’s understandable that the people responsible for this representation would want a more positive image but I think in the first season you can pretty easily count how many times El actually cracked a grin.

Images via Chocotoy

One guy in the series that’s smiled a lot is Dustin, and that gap in his teeth was always prominent even when he tried to minimize it. Chocotoy has definitely gone above and beyond in displaying Dustin how he appeared and then taking it even further. He was the chubby guy in a group of twig-thin boys and had a definite lisp thanks to his missing teeth. And the headset he was always wearing probably seemed out of place for any time period but it did have its uses. It kept his hands free at least. Maybe in the coming seasons they can show Dustin being responsible for the first hands-free headset.

In this representation Lucas looks like he belongs on a claymation episode of Sesame Street. His nose is just huge and he looks like he’d fit right in with the rest of them. I’ve got to admit that I didn’t really notice his humongous walkie talkie riding on his handlebars during the show. There might have been just too much other stuff going on or I must have just missed it. Interest in Lucas kind of faded in and out though, as he was the skeptic among the group and really only came back when he was needed. Eventually though his role was just as important as anyone else’s.

There really couldn’t have been another leader for this group. Mike might have been a little unbalanced at times but he was still the most strong-willed among them when it came to getting things done. But he was so high-strung and so serious most of the time that it was though he couldn’t just let himself be a kid. His need to understand and control every little piece of his life kind of left him a nervous wreck at times and when things didn’t go the way they were supposed to you could see his calm facade crack just a little.

Even being one of the most unsure characters in the series Eleven was the one person that knew how things had to be. She wasn’t entirely stable really but she did have a sense of justice that allowed her to stand up for people that needed it. The only issue was that at times she went a little too far since she lacked any necessary restraint.

These toys are great. They could create a clay-mation version of Stranger Things and see how it would work.

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