‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Eyes an October 27 Debut on Netflix

If there’s one thing that Netflix has made clear over that last few years, it’s that they’re officially the new king of TV.  In addition to their impressive back catalog of existing movies and shows, they have bold, original series all their own, including House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black and Daredevil.  Among this esteemed company, however, no one series has shone half as brightly as Stranger Things.

Whereas the other Netflix original series have been based on pre-existing stories — a BBC mini series, a memoir and comic books — Stranger Things was a wholly original concept, built from the ground-up from a talented, if untested, creative team unable to get the concept funding from a major studio.  Although it payed homage to everything 1980’s — from horror movies to fantasy roleplaying games — it was always its own unique animal among Netflix’s cadre of original programming.

So, naturally, it is with more than the usual fanfare that its long-awaited second season starts to take shape.  Its initial teaser trailer was a show-stopping moment at the last Super Bowl, and production photos of all strides have shown off exciting new details of what we can except when it returns this fall.

Now that they’ve released a full poster to show off their new, more ambitious second season, we’re starting to get a better idea of what we’re dealing with.  The season, which is now confirmed at launching on October 27th, promises terror of Lovecraftian portions: completely blowing the first season’s Demogorgon out of the water.

Our four loser heroes from the first season are back, stopped in the middle of a lonely country road.  Off in the distance, a menacing red column of clouds has appeared.  And outlined in its crimson mists is a towering mass of tentacles: the latest beast from the Upside Down to make its way Earthside.

Season 2 will be set roughly a year after the first: allowing the young actors to comfortably age into where their characters will be at in the franchise’s mythology.  While the lead-up to Christmas informed the aesthetic design of the Season 1, Season 2 will take place in late October, with Holloween as its new visual motif.

Fans of the first season will recall the menacing cliffhanger the first season ended on.  Although saved from the Upside Down by Eleven, Will Byers is not as well as his cheerful demeanor would have everybody believe.  He’s suffering from Silent Hill-like flashes between the series’ two dimensions and spitting up some kind of horrific ichor that’s taken root inside of him.  Although missing in the Upside Down, the sheriff’s deliberate gifts of food to the other dimension imply that she is still alive, waiting to be pulled out of it.  And now there’s a Cthulhu to deal with.

October 27th cannot get here fast enough.

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