Stranger Things Season 3 Blooper Reel is Worth a Gander

stranger things season 3

This is proof that even serious shows aren’t safe from the giggles and the random dance numbers that the cast seem to come up with from time to time. Stranger Things season 3 was definitely ramping up to be even scarier and more out of control than the other two seasons, but behind the scenes the cast was having just as much fun it seems as they were losing their lines and laughing it off as much as possible. It’s hard to think that talents such as Cary Elwes, Winona Ryder, and even David Harbour would botch their lines from time to time but obviously it happens since no one’s perfect. It might sound bad but it’s kind of easy to think that the kids and even the younger adults might have difficulties at times since they’re still working on their own poise and control and yet, for all that, they keep up with the adults kind of easily in situations like this. There are a lot of reasons why we get blooper reels from various shows and movies and it’s because it’s exceedingly rare to get everything perfect in one take, especially when the cast is tired, bored, or has been standing around waiting for this or that to be just perfect so that the scene can take place. Timothy Beck Werth of ScreenRant has more on this subject.

It’d be interesting to see the blooper reels for the first two seasons if they exist, but it’s easy to think that they do simply because bloopers are a big thing these days and tend to get a lot of laughs. Sometimes the bloopers make you cock your head and wonder just how they got in there, but then again it’s important to realize that what one person finds amusing and funny others might find kind of odd and awkward. We all have a different sense of humor but a lot of times we can at least admit that we like to laugh and we can appreciate that actors do tend to botch their lines every now and then since they might have other things going through their heads or their costars might be making funny faces at them just to loosen up the mood. But it’s hard to see why the word ‘grandma’ would be so hilarious, at least until it’s been the basis of an actor losing himself in mid-stride more than a few times. It does seem pretty funny that Hopper would be so over-protective of Eleven considering what she could still do at that point and time. Think about it, if she really didn’t like what was going on between her and Mike she could fling him across the room and remind him just how tough she really is. But as with any father figure Hopper’s character and his over-protective nature was kicked into overdrive, and well past that point since lying to someone about their grandmother isn’t just fringe, it’s borderline evil in some instances.

A lot of the bloopers are pretty small and could be the result of fatigue, meaning that the actors are just tired and feeling the need to be silly to get themselves back to center after wearing out whatever random energy they might have. But others seem like genuine brain farts that just happen to come along every now and then, and you can’t help but appreciate seeing this in the blooper reels since it reminds you that actors are going to screw up now and again. Some movies make their blooper reels a big part of the whole production like the Grumpy Old Men movies or other lesser known movies like Ready to Rumble with Oliver Platt, Scott Caan, and David Arquette. But the one thing that all blooper reels share is that they’re filled with moments that are usually enough to make a person do a spit-take or at least bust up in uncontrollable laughter for a moment since the randomness and unexpected nature of a blooper is enough to tickle a lot of funny bones and get people thinking that the actors must have a lot of fun on the set at times. It does kind of make a person wonder if they ever just get silly for the hell of it to ease the tension and take a nice little break between the scenes to avoid tensing up all the time. It would make sense on a show such as this to just kind of laugh and shake it all off, but it also makes it seem harder to really come back to center and make it all work again. Kaitlin Thomas of TV Guide has more to say on this subject.

One thing is very certain about blooper reels, they’re bound to make people laugh and they’re kept around for a very good reason. As serious as this show gets it still looks as though the cast members get to have fun every now and again.

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