If Stranger Things Took Place in 2017 (Comic)

Cartoons about Stranger Things if it was based in 2017 are kind of funny and kind of “huh boy”. Dorkly nailed it right, don’t get me wrong on that score. I’ll break them down in a minute here, but how funny is this? Kids born after 2000 have no idea what life was like back then. They could read all the books they wanted and watch as many movies as it took to get the thought of what it was to be an 80’s kid, but without living it there’s no way to really know anything about it. That’s not an elitist or exclusionary thing, it’s a fact, just like those of us adults don’t fully understand what it’s like being a kid now.

But let’s break these down.

Cartoon #1

That kind of explains itself. If there’s a warning issued nowadays about anything that seems dangerous and tells you to say inside there’s not a lot of gumption on the part of a lot of kids to be defiant and go take a look. It’s not always video games that has them glued to their seat, but a lot of kids will choose to sit and veg out after school rather than get out and be active, or mischievous.

Cartoon #2 

The overall trust issues that are abundant right now between the general public and cops is unfortunately a real issue. Despite the fact that a lot of cops don’t go looking for trouble by singling out young black males the paranoia has already struck and it would be more than evident in the show of today.

Cartoon #3

It seems like phone companies are coming up with more new and inventive ways to make you upgrade, buy new options, or just spend more money on your service while claiming that you “need” it. If your kid was trapped in another dimension you’re kind of out of luck because no cell company would cover that.


Sadly it doesn’t take much to get shamed these days and even the slightest thing seems to set some people off. You could look at another person passing you on the street in a certain way and your significant other might take offense. It’s an over-sensitive world we live in folks.

Cartoon #5

I’ll fully admit this one made me laugh pretty hard. What qualities does a Demogorgon have that Trump doesn’t? Answer? The Demogorgon will kill you quicker and with less nonsense. It’s pretty funny that Dorkly decided to put the current POTUS in this cartoon, though I kind of wonder what might happen if the wrong PR person gets a hold of it.

Cartoon #6

It’s like I said, if you were born in the 90’s and later you have no idea what it was like to be a kid in the 80’s. That’s okay though, you don’t need to stress about it unless you happen to have a role that requires you know at least something about the 80’s.

Well done Dorkly, well done.

Comic Via Dorkly

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