Streamy Awards Announce 2010 Nominations for Excellence In Web Programming

The 2010 Streamy Awards are just around the corner, officially set for April 7 and April 11. Never heard of the Streamy Awards? If that’s the case, now is the perfect time to get involved in the world of web television as the Streamy’s honor the past year’s best in original web programming. 2010 marks only the second year for this new, annual awards ceremony, and taking a look at this year’s nominees will get you up to speed fast on some of the best web programming out there.

So who’s the top dog in nominations this year? None other than Felicia Day’s web series The Guild, in it’s third season and about a group of online gamers and how they function in the real world. This year The Guild and it’s great cast are up for 7 awards including: Best Comedy Web Series, Best Directing for a comedy Web Series, Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series, Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series (Sandeep Parikh), Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series (Felicia Day), Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series, and finally for Best Guest Star in a Web Series (Wil Wheaton).

Other well known actors up for Streamy awards include Nathan Fillion (for PG Porn), Courteney Cox (for Web Therapy), “Weird All” Yankovic (for Know Your Meme), Tony Hale (for CTRL), and Robert Englund (for Fear Clinic).

You can check out all of the nominations on the Streamy Awards website (, which also provides links to all of the nominated web content so that you can take a look for yourself to see who is the best out there. But take it from me, if you watch nothing else, take a look at The Guild. It’s well worth it!


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