Remembering Stuntman Damien Walters Doing the Assassin’s Creed Leap of Faith: 125 Ft in 2.79 Seconds

There was this Reddit post going around about a year ago which is pretty insane.  It’s of the Assassin’s Creed Leap of Faith that will took place in the movie that came out in December of 2016.   While I’ve shared the edit below,  I have to admit it’s a little annoying with regard to the editing.  So I’ve also shared the source video above.  It’s crazy man Damien Walters who performed the stunt for Michael Fassbender.

According to the stats, Walters jumped from 125 feet up,  took 2.79 seconds and landed going 61.1 mph on impact.   Perfectly understandable that Fassbender wouldn’t do a stunt like this.  Not to mention I’m sure his agents were like, “yeah, OK buddy.”

Everyone is eagerly anticipating this movie to come out since that masses are desperately seeking a solid video game movie adaptation.  From what I hear it’s supposed to be legit but there I go sounding like every other broken record writer who tries to psyched people up about a movie that will probably suck.

But it’s OK to dream right?  Plus Fassbender is pretty solid and the cast is good.  OK, OK.  I’ll stop.  Let’s just set our expectations extremely low so that the movie outperforms.

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