Suburgatory Preview: Parker Young Teases Tonight’s Hilarious Season Finale

SuburgatorySuburgatory is wrapping up its very amusing first season tonight and the small suburban town of Chatswin is celebrating Mother’s Day. Of course, like every other holiday in Chatswin, Mother’s Day will be completely over the top. Star Parker Young (Ryan Shay) took the time to tell us and what’s in store for tonight’s season finale.

“We take Mother’s Day incredibly seriously. We really love our mothers and this is a chance for us to prove to the world and to each other how much we love our mothers. It becomes very competitive amongst the families to show each other up. The Shays, of course, and Ryan in particular, always like to do things to the maximum and Mother’s Day is no different. [Ryan] wants to be part of making his mother feel like a queen. And Fred will do whatever he has to do, and Lisa just gets dragged along, which is hilarious.”

What do these over-the-top antics look like? Well, the Shays rent a Cinderella carriage and costume for Sheila, complete with Ryan dressing up as Prince Charming. Fred, meanwhile, manages to secure a special performance with one of Sheila’s favorite artists: [Fred’s special gift] “is a great one. He goes all out to really, really impress Sheila. And it kind of backfires a bit, but we’ve got a fun guest on the show and that’s part of Fred’s gift.”

But Mother’s Day isn’t all crazy fun and games. Lisa has spent the last few episodes trying to prove that she’s adopted and Parker warned us that “she’s been doing a lot of digging and if you dig hard enough you’re going to find something. She definitely uncovers some shocking details that will be revealed at the end of the episode, which will make for a shocking and exciting second season [of Suburgatory] for the Shays, I think.”

As for Ryan and Tessa, Parker tells us that there’s definitely hope for this unlikely couple: “Heck ya, there’s hope! I think Ryan clearly cares for this girl. I think Ryan believes he’s in love with her. There’s definitely going to be serious pursuing on Ryan’s behalf. He’s also kind of maturing and he’s going to use the arsenal… not in a manipulative way, but just understanding what she likes and how to be a gentleman and really show her that he cares.”

We know that Suburgatory has been renewed for a second season and will return in the fall (click here for more on ABC’s fall schedule). For his part, Parker has enjoyed working on the show and can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 2: “I have enjoyed it tremendously. It has been so much fun and I am so thankful we get to come back and continue that. It’s been such a blessing.”

Watch a sneak peek below for tonight’s all new Suburgatory, airing at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Other Mother’s Day events include a moms’ race and a crazy baby shower at Jill and Noah’s house. You can also visit the official ABC website for more information about the show.

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