It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.06 “Mac’s Mom Burns Her House Down” Review

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has always offered peaks at the mothers behind the folks in the gang, but tonight’s episode offered us a real look into who Mac’s and Charlie’s moms are. Mac’s mom speaks in grunts more than she does actual words and Charlie’s mom has a raging case of O.C.D.

After Mac’s mom burns her house down, Mac and Charlie moves her into Charlie’s mom’s house and attempt to force a Golden Girls-esque relationship on them. Meanwhile, Dennis coaches Frank on how to make Dee (hoping to feel well enough to be one of Josh Groban’s groupies) depend on him.

We also meet a new “character,” Mac’s impossibly old and indestructible dog Poppins. Poppins’ name is quite appropriate because his eye pops out from time to time, but don’t worry. All you have to do to fix it is push it back in with you knuckle.

The writers also seem to have Frank on a roll with some side-splitting lines. Last week, he talked about the “greased-up watermelon” game played in pools, and hit the nail on the head this week with his description on Poppins:

“He looks like a gargoyle!”

Tonight’s focus on the mothers also gave some great background for Mac and Charlie. We know now that Mac’s short fuse and Charlie’s crazy come from their respective mothers.

This episode was more reminiscent of older episodes. There were no huge gags or big budget scenes, just focus on the gang and the moms. It was also fairly self-sustaining. If I were to recommend an episode from this season to someone who’d never seen the show before, it would be this one.

Season six was shot in high definition, which now gives the show a sharpness required to really see just how gross some of its locations are. That said, it makes me long for the days that Sunny was much more of a cult show being made on the cheap. But hey, as long as it’s still funny, that’s all that matters.

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