Mr. Sunshine Photos: “Crystal on Ice” Even with a Smurf, Girl Can Skate!

Be sure to tune in to ABC, Wednesday, March 9th at 9:31 pm Eastern to catch another fun episode of Mr. Sunshine, entitled “Crystal on Ice.” Honestly, of all the the many, many implications this title could have brought forth, the last in my mind featured Allison Janney figure skating. I watched a few episodes of Skating with the Stars, so I know she didn’t need that much practice to look so good on the ice, but I have to wonder if she did this before. It seems Crystal has some very bad feelings for an ice dancing group, and if the pictures are telling the story, this elite dancing force is none of the than the Smurfs. Love her hiding behind the big mushroom and going in for kill with poor Smurfette.

Meanhwine, it appears Roman has no place to live, and Ben takes him in. It seems like the closest relationship Ben will make on the show will be with Roman, so it seems fitting. Roman looks right at home in Ben’s living room, and I wonder what the hell does Ben have in his hair? Mousse? I know his employees hate his hair, but to be sitting around with that particular look, in a suit to boot, I’ll have to watch to find out what it all means.

We’ll also find out that Alice feels like she can’t keep up with her new boyfriend, the “perfect man,” Alonzo. From what I’ve seen so far, they both work their asses off, so I’m guessing she’s making more out of it than he is.

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