Mr. Sunshine Photos: “Employee of The Year” Employs Nick Jonas!

Wednesday, February 16th (9:30-10:00 pm Eastern Time), on an all new episode of Mr. Sunshine on ABC, they’re going for the teen scene as Nick Jonas guest stars as heartthrob Eli White on ‘Employee of the Year.’According to the show synopsis, Crystal (the ever-perfect Alison Janney) has decided to hold a contest for Employee of the Year – but it’s rigged! Since the other employees don’t know it’s a sure thing, we can only imagine what they will do to be in consideration for that prestigious spot!

Judging from the photos, Heather is going to be the winner. Considering I don’t remember what she did in the pilot, she must be one heck of an employee for Crystal to throw this whole contest just to vilify her employment at the Sunshine Center. Looks like her son, Roman (played by the winning Nate Torrence) will continue to make me giggle just by looking at him.

Elsewhere, Ben (Matthew Perry) is busy making sure our teen sensation is satisfied, which must be enough to drive a 40 year old arena manager crazy. Kathy Najimy is making a guest appearance, and since she’s unnamed I’m going to hazard a guess that she’s playing Eli White’s manager.

One final thought. With the way Andrea Anders delivers lines (she’s making me forget the loss of Better Off Ted just a bit with her presence), they don’t even need to put Alice in sexy little outfits like the one she’s wearing when chatting with Alonzo (James Lesure). But, I like it! I think she has potential to be one of my 2011 girl crushes.

The pilot brought the laughs; let’s hope for more of the same with ‘Employee of the Month!’

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