10 Super Creepy Kids in Otherwise Normal Movies

Most of the time kids in movie are pretty down to earth unless they’re in horror movies, then they become the victim or the individual that you somehow have to watch out for. But in other movies it’s hard not to notice how creepy some of the kids appear, sound, or simply act. Some might be deemed a bit normal by some folks while to others they might feel a bit off kilter, but the point is that they just don’t sound or look right somehow.

Here are some of the creepiest kids in movies that aren’t horror-based.

10. The Caddy- Happy Gilmore

Goofy might be a better term for this kid since he’s the kind of guy that’s all arms, legs, nose, and hair. He doesn’t have a huge role in the movie but he does kind of come out of nowhere when he comes up to take Happy’s clubs and gets pushed down for his effort. Plus, he’s not that great of a caddy if he can’t tell his golfer to get out of the way of the other golfer in the first place. Some might argue that this isn’t his job, but when Happy actually asked him to do just this it does show that he’s not all that attentive.

9. Heinrich – Eurotrip

Seriously, how many people would crap a solid brick if they saw a kid do this today? Obviously it’s not something that anything but a die hard white supremacist would even think about condoning, apart as a spoof for a movie, but this would seriously worry a lot of people since not only is the imagery kind of upsetting but it’s also a sign to remind people that kids are highly susceptible to the world around them and might very well take off in the wrong direction if it’s not curbed quickly and with as much patience as can be mustered.

8. Scut Farkus – A Christmas Story

Scut Farkus is one of the oldest bullies in cinematic history and he’s disturbing since he appeared to relish the pain of those that he was tormenting, and he had his own little minion as well. But the funny thing about Farkus is that the moment someone fought back he folded like a piece of paper in a torrential downpour, as Ralphie laid into him without cease until his mother came along. It’s funny wonder whatever happened to Scut.

7. Stillwell Angel-A League of Their Own

Stillwell’s that typical, bratty kid that’s entitled and gets his own way a bit too often and has come to realize that the more he whines and cries, the more his mother is going to give into his little tantrums. Thankfully though Jimmy sets him straight later on in the movie and his mother doesn’t show an ounce of pity as she asks if he’s going to come into the dugout or just sit there on his bum after getting knocked down with a mitt. Be honest, a lot of us likely wanted to do the same thing to Stillwell at that point.

6. Benjamin Button-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It’s all in the look really since the fact is that Benjamin was born old and got noticeably younger as he grew up. Yep, that sounds about as awkward as it can be since this isn’t how humans work and the clock doesn’t roll forward and backwards at the same time for any of us. There might be some individuals that age prematurely in this world and that statement might sound false, but at the same time, this just isn’t the case for the majority of those that are on this earth for so short a time.

5. Kara and Mara Craig-The Great Outdoors

The actresses that played Kara and Mara grew up to be pretty attractive really, but when they didn’t have that spaced out look in the movie they were pretty cute too. But their whole image, up to a point, was to appear as weird and as unapproachable as possible since they were kind of odd and didn’t feel like they fit in at all. They were normal kids for the most part since they did things they weren’t supposed to and reacted in ways one might expect, but they were still a bit off in some regards.

4. The Kids-Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

This seriously felt like a cult, not just a group of kids that had banded together to survive. Plus, when one thinks about it, how long had they been out there on their own? Obviously they had fresh water and food, but who in the world left them and how long had it been? Obviously they were young enough when they were left that their powers of reasoning hadn’t fully developed, otherwise they might have already made their way to Bartertown or devised a different sort of civilization that wasn’t built on the idea of Tomorrow-morrow Land.

3. Thor – Good Boys

Thor has to be one of the oddest kids in the movie since not only does he know about his parents’ “CPR” doll, but he knows about their swing, where they keep their sex toys, and yet has no idea what they really are or what they’re used for. Plus, the kid attempts to steal a beer and pass it off as his penis, which is a little disturbing to say the least. Something about Thor just isn’t right, and it only culminates in the play near the end of the movie.

2. Paper boy-Better Off Dead

This kid is determined, you’ve got to give him that much. He wants his $2 and he’s not going away until he gets it. Heck, he even follows Lane to the slopes he wants that money so badly. What’s even funnier though is that the whole $2 routine makes it into a later movie, Hot Tub Time Machine, as a brief gag when the guys find themselves back in the 80s.

1. Warren – Smokin’ Aces

Oh what to say about this kid. He has ADHD so it’s hard to ridicule him too much, but at the same time he has some massive issues that make him act tougher than he actually is and he thinks he’s some sort of karate badass when his grandmother can handle him easily. ‘Nuff said really.

Creepy kids, they’re everywhere.

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